How many times should I attempt this project?

1. One wall of the room I am (attempting) to use for Amateur Radio/Music-related tasks contains a wooden access-panel, leading to the bathroom plumbing behind the tub.  This ensures that 1/3rd of that wall is useless — given the recent (serious) problems with various plumbing-leaks etc., I cannot risk putting anything anywhere near that access panel (especially given the detrimental effect of water/humidity on: books, electronic equipment, anything made of wood, etc….

The thing that makes this worse is: one of my primary projects over the last 15+ years, has been the attempt to “digitize” the vinyl records/cassette tapes/reel-to-reel tapes etc.   I’ve made “progress” on this project several times, only to experience such wonders as:

Turntable failures (lack of replacement parts — needle cartridges, belts etc.)

Hard drive failures

Corrupted/lost backup media

My previous computer (a rickety shit-box of a Dell Optiplex Gx-270, which — when I acquired it — was already cobbled together from the remnants of several semi-working machines) — experiencing what the Knoppix boot-routine described as a “thermal event” (IE: cooked processor chip).

Anyway, the “upshot” of all of the above is two-fold:

  1. I am never able to work at the project consistently for any length of time.
  2. What I do manage to accomplish is haphazard, and tends to be under-cut by equipment failures etc.

I have started (and re-started) the project at least five times over the past 15+ years.  Moreover, I have evidently managed to do back-ups of some portion of some versions of the project.  However, some of the backups were damaged or lost over time.

My inability to successfully complete this project is….disheartening.



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