History is horrifying

My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother was obsessed with various sorts of delusional bullshit.  Most of it consisted of “White power” ideology which he had uncritically swallowed — and would parrot endlessly, given the slightest opportunity.

His typical subject-matter consisted of the following:

  1. “Kikes”
  2. “Niggers”
  3. “Gooks”
  4. “spics”
  5. The Federal Reserve
  6. The Trilateral commission
  7. The Bilderberg group
  8. The “Belgae Kelts”.
  9. Speculation about how I was probably part “nigger/spic/wop” (on my dad’s side, of course.)

Quite frankly, having a morbidly-obese junkie screaming about the above (for decades on end)  — whenever the stupid bastard wasn’t “nodded out” on heroin – was both  exceptionally boring and extremely uninformative.

Some years later, I stumbled across Wicca.

Wicca is (superficially) difficult to understand, at first impression:

For one thing, many Wiccans (including Gerald Gardner — the putative “founder” of so-called “Gardnerian Wiccca”) insist — against all evidence — that Wicca represents a “survival” of pre-Christian European religion.  (In other words: Margaret Murray’s thoroughly discredited “witch cult” bullshit).


Actually, “Wicca” has little to do with either Margaret Murray’s gibberish or Pre-Christian European religion.   Nor did much of it originate with Gerald Gardner, himself.

  1. Gardner always claimed to have been ‘initiated’ into something called the “New Forest coven”.  Arguably (at least according to some researchers) this was an actual organization (of sorts) — most likely an offshoot of the “order of woodcraft chivalry”.
  2. Gardner (supposedly) devised what is today called “Gardnerian” Wicca because there were huge chunks missing from the New Forest coven’s “book of shadows”.  So — like many other pretentious pseudo-intellectuals — he set about filling in those “gaps” (mostly with paraphrases of Aleister Crowley and suchlike.   Later, Doreen Valliente did an (almost complete) re-write of Gardner’s “book of shadows” to — as she put it — get ride of the “Crowlianity”.

At any rate, since Gardner’s time, Wicca has splintered into an ever-expanding list of “traditions” and “lineages” — some initiatory ones which at least pretend to be doing what Gardner wrote about, right on down to “eclectic solitaries” who basically just call whatever they happen to claim to ‘believe”, and/or whatever “rituals” they happen to do “Wicca”, as a catch-all/”junk” category.

My first exposure to Wicca was by way of a “friend” I had during my teens.  He was basically “into” Wicca for the shock-value (IE: because it freaked his mom out.)  His mom claimed to be “Christian” (in the sense that even someone utterly lacking in active “interest” in religious topics whatsoever simply cannot help but to have been bombarded by a sort of “dumbed-down” Christianity (There’s no holiday special called Happy Hanukkah, Charlie Brown!).

At any rate, his mother didn’t really give a shit about religion.  Unfortunately for her (and for my “friend”), it is simply impossible to be ignorant/apathetic about “religion” while also not absorbing (and being not-so-subtly conditioned by) the worldview — and conceptual vocabulary — shared by the various “Abrahamic” religions.

The fundamentals (which are relentlessly shoved down our throats whether we actively “believe” them or not), are approximately as follows:

  1. Theism (The existence of something — typically designated by the word “God”)
  2. Monotheism (Whatever “God” is, there’s only one, and — is typically construed as male).
  3. “Good” and “Evil” conceptualized as warring “factions” (“God” vs. “Satan”).

I could go on, but you get the idea:  it is virtually impossible not to absorb at least the above-mentioned points — even from supposedly “secular” (non-religious) media sources (Examples: Touched By an angel, Supernatural, etc.)

Bottom line: Abrahamic monotheism is privileged in the U.S., inasmuch as it’s really not that unusual for individuals to go about their lives remaining utterly ignorant of Non-Abrahamic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, etc.) — but it is NOT possible to retain that level of ignorance, with regard to Abrahamic monotheism.

At any rate, the reason that Wicca tends to be “shocking” (even to people who don’t give a shit about religion) has to do with the fact that its basic “worldview” differs fairly substantially — both from the actual Abrahamic religions themselves (Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc.) and from the  dumbed-down “pseudo-religion” perpetrated by popular culture

First, Wicca doesn’t “fit” neatly into the “standard” categories (monotheism, bitheism, polytheism, pantheism, etc.)  Partially this is because no Wiccan “tradition” has ever had “political power” (IE: found themselves in a position to oppress/terrorize/exterminate those they view as “heretics”).  With no means to “enforce” an orthodoxy (by punishing dissidents), Wiccans have no alternative but to be “tolerant” – even toward what they consider to be flagrant distortions of “true” Wicca.  (For example: Silver Ravenwolf).

Some Wiccans (typically those influenced by Raymond Buckland) pay lip-service to the notion of a singular “Supreme Being” (mostly as a hold-over from the above-mentioned “implicit monotheism”), but most variants of Wicca are at least somewhat polytheistic (in that the “set” labeled “God” is stated to contain more than one “member”).

Wicca also lacks the “Yahweh vs. Satan” motif   The closest equivalent to that for most Wiccans is their obsession with what they call “The Burning times” and/or the Salem Witch trials.  Tellingly, most Wiccans don’t really give a shit about the fact that various “heretical” Christian variants — and Jews — were also being persecuted during the same general time-period.

The thing is: (almost) nobody is “raised” Wiccan (IE: actively  indoctrinated into “believing” Wicca) during childhood.   Sometimes this has to do with the fact that some “traditions” are explicitly initiatory, but more often than not, it has to do with an implicit (or explicit) awareness of the fact that Wiccans explicitly chose their religion.   In a real sense, all “wiccans” are “converts” — both in that most of them were “raised” within the “Abrahamic” context mentioned above and inasmuch as it takes a fair bit of effort to even discover the existence of alternatives BEYOND that context.

At any rate, my “friend” was basically what (many) Wiccans would term a “fluffy bunny”:


He was “into” Wicca for the same reason he had hung an “anarchy” symbol on his bedroom door: because there was a vanishingly-small possibility that doing so might “shock” Mommy.  (of course, you have to understand: this was also a guy who — at 16 years old — would remind me to bring over my “play-clothes”, whenever I went over to his house, to hang out over the weekend, or suchlike.  Anyone who uses the phrase “play-clothes” at 16 has managed to skip a few “developmental milestones”.)

(As of the last time I bothered to have any contact with the guy: he had managed to degenerate into a morbidly-obese, chain-smoking drunk, whose girlfriend cuts his food for him whenever they go out to restaurants.)

(Yeah….he’s blind, but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that he has managed to stumble through 40+ years of existence without ever learning how to cut his own food.)

The funny thing about John (my former “friend”): when she finally found out (IE: when he “came out of the broom-closet” to her): she didn’t give a shit.

I’m honestly not sure what he had expected — after all, this was the same woman who had enabled her son’s failure to develop much beyond the developmental milestones of a toddler, so it really shouldn’t be that surprising that she was too apathetic to be “shocked” by Wicca.

Predictably, since Wicca hadn’t led to the sort of “family drama” he wanted, John soon lost interest in it.   At any rate, anyone learning about Wicca (or any other Non-Abrahamic religion) necessarily encounters the fact  that Non-Abrahamic religions exist.

Now, on  some level, (almost) everybody already knows this — at least, they know this if they’ve ever encountered “mythology”.

One of the most shocking facts I’ve ever encountered is: neither Christianity nor Judaism are “indigenous” to Europe (even though Europe was — at one point — commonly referred to as “Christendom”).

The “dirty little secret” of European history is: Christianity was imposed by force.  Worse yet, the facts were then systematically covered up by the Roman Catholic church.

The vast majority of (so-called) “Christian” holiday traditions are essentially co-opted from Pre-Christian European religions (which is, ironically enough, why many of the more hard-line sorts of Protestantism discourage them).  For example, pretty much everything about “Christmas” (other than the “nativity” story itself) is a distorted version of the winter solstice festival of “Yule”.


(Oddly enough, a lot of the Right-wingers shitting themselves over ISIL and “Sharia law” also claim to be Christians.  I can’t help but wonder: if ISIL does manage to jackboot their way to a “worldwide caliphate”, will THEY attempt to cover up the fact that their ancestors spilled oceans of blood to do so?)

Which brings me back to the title of this post:

There’s a good reason why racist scumbags disdain Christianity (or Abrahamic monotheism in general).  With the notable (and perplexing) exception of so-called “Christian Identity”/”British Israelism”, they recognize that the “Christianization” of Europe was achieved (if that’s what you want to call it) by systematic victimization and slaughter — of so-called “heathen”/”Pagan” populations, Jews, and finally even “heretical” variants of Christianity.

The true history of Christianity is, quite frankly, extremely horrifying.

The above is also why I avoid getting sucked into explicitly “religious” discussions.

Quite honestly: if you were “raised” Christian, you are (in many ways) the unwitting victim of a systematic campaign of disinformation and cover-up of massive proportions.

The weird thing is: somehow or other, remnants of various Pre-Christian European religions survived.  (If you know anything about what is now designated as “Greco-Roman mythology”, you’re familiar with one such survival.)

Another example: Norse pantheism (Odin, Thor, loki, etc.)

At any rate: all of the pants-shitting over the “demise of Christendom” (IE: Muslims in Europe, etc.) ignores a single, incontrovertible fact:  Europe was “converted” to Christianity at sword-point.

A thought-experiment:

If someone came up to you, stuck a gun to your head, and “ordered” you to convert to Islam: what would you do?   At that point, you have 3 options:

  1. PRETEND to have “converted” to Islam (so as to not get a bullet in the head)
  2. Tell the guy to “fuck off” (and probably get a bullet in the head)
  3. REALLY have a “come to Allah” moment — where you sincerely realize in your heart-of-hearts that your entire life up until that moment was a lie, and that Islam is the “one true faith”, etc. etc.

Oh, wait: #3 isn’t a real option.  Nobody is ever really “convinced” by having a gun shoved in their face.   Maybe — just maybe — if the mugger can intimidate you into never mentioning your Pre-Islamic religious beliefs again *AND* can manage to propagandize the next generations — those victimized by the “worldwide caliphate” will eventually forget that their ancestors WERE victimized.

Quite frankly, I see exactly one difference between ISIL’s systematic destruction of Pre-Islamic artifacts, brutality-on-principle toward “heretical” populations etc., and the “Christianization” of Europe — ISIL IS DOING  IT, NOW.











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