Organizing is difficult

So: in addition to “backing up” the various analog/digital media, I am confronted with how best to organize the end-product:

  1. Alphabetization does not yield coherent results.
  2.  Basing the albums around “Genre” seemed sensible until I was confronted with “borderiline cases” (IE: albums with content which is not exactly “Bluegrass”, but not exactly “Country”, either — for example).

Sensible solution:

The following hierarchy:





In categorizing a given work within a given region, I am considering where the artist/group originate.  This makes sense, because there are different regional “scenes” — different approaches to how a given genre is approached.

The “Bluegrass” section is oddly difficult for such a circumscribed genre.  The two “main” sub-genres are “Traditional” and “Progressive”/”Newgrass”.

“Traditional” artists/groups are either those who originate from the “classic” era (1940s/50s), or “modern” artists/groups who attempt to be similar to groups from that era.

“Progressive” artists/groups are (quite frankly) all over the map: ’60s/’70s hippie-sounding stuff, more “jazz”-influenced stuff, albums which eschew the “acoustic instrumentation only” thing, in favor of…..all sorts of stuff. 🙂

That’s why I have decided to consider an artist/group as “traditional”, until/unless after listening to them, I determine otherwise.

Short-cut?  Definitely.

Then again, given the sheer amount of “stuff” I have to dig through, failure to resort to such “short-cuts” neccesarily means that I don’t get the project done in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time.



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