I will freely admit that I am not a “nice” person:

For instance: I have nothing but contempt for the notion that I should give preferential treatment (enabling/mollycoddling etc.), to my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother — under any circumstances.

Quite frankly, the ‘best” I can hope for is for the stupid fuck-stain to overdose/contract AIDS and die (making the world just that much cleaner).  Barring that, the aforementioned stupid fuck could attempt to “kick” heroin — after which he would still be a foul, degenerate, borderline-illiterate, bigoted, high-school dropout who attempted to assault me in my own mother’s driveway.

I’m not going to play this bullshit, Doublethink game everyone else plays (“I love him, but I don’t ‘like’ him!”).    There is very literally no rational justification for such bullshit.  In fact, that sort of “exception-making” is functionally indistinguishable from the type of “enabling” and cover-ups my (equally idiotic bitch of a) “mother” has been doing, for decades.

If I wanted to invest the time and effort necessary to attempt to ‘rehabilitate” a bigoted, drug-addled scumbag, I’m pretty sure I could just exactly that sort of bipedal vermin easily enough.

So, no: I do not “love” the drug-addled psychopath.  Nor will I ever ‘forgive” it for its antics.  Moreover, if we lived in a civilization which actually gave a shit about justice, I would be in a position to put the delusional sub-animal down permanently, the millisecond it attempted to paw at me.

I genuinely regret that I was not in a position to do so, and that the worthless junkie fuck-stain has continued to draw breath/consume resources as a result.




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