Cygwin sucks! :(

So: At one point I had (stupidly) decided to do the “base install” of Cygwin (to have a Unix/Linux-like command-line type environment, etc.)   One of the books I acquired some years back (!!!!) mentions using Cygwin to learn C programming — assuming, of course, that you can get the goddamn development tools (GCC etc.) to fucking install! 😦

Seriously: I genuinely hope everyone involved with the “Cygwin” project dies screaming.  Most of the “mirrors” are incomplete/have shitty connectivity/haven’t been updated in years, etc.  The “documentation” is somewhere between useless and deliberately obscure for the sake of obscurity.  The only reason I’m even installing Cygwin (again) is because I can’t manage to completely delete the stupid piece of shit from my system (their “setup” program leaves all sorts of bullshit behind, which I can’t seem to get Windows 10 to remove.)

Seriously: either do it right, or don’t even fucking bother.  How the hell are people supposed to learn things like programming, when the “project leaders” can’t even get this shit right in the first place?

This is — what? — the 3rd day I’ve been dicking around with this, and I can’t even manage to get the goddamned GCC COMPILER to fucking download?

Oh, wait — I figured it out:  the “Cygwin” project is merely an elaborate “gag”, to ensure that 99% of humanity is too goddamned frustrated and enraged by the download/installation process itself, that they never even THINK about learning anything about computers, again. 😦



2 thoughts on “Cygwin sucks! :(

  1. I hear you. Just deleted the whole folder. I had the 32 bit version, JetBrains Clion needs 64 bit. Started downloading, two hours later it`s at 29%. F**k cygwin.

  2. Oddly enough, on windows 10, I was able to install all GCC stuff fine but was not able to get open ssh installed (which was all i really need). Im so pissed.. I just gave up and made a VM with ubuntu in bridged mode which was much less painless than this semi-windows linux fuckery they call cygwin.

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