So….I *think* I (finally) managed to get Cygwin semi-working

I also managed to successfully test out “Virtualbox” (although, the virtual machine was pretty low-spec, on account of my physical hardware machine here could use some upgrades).

The system I have currently (which I love — because it isn’t a rickety shit-box, like my previous system) is actually pretty reasonable, spec-wise:  Core 2 duo (with 2 cores — heh!), 1.00 GB ram.  75 GB HD.  (Yeah….)

If I understand the information I found on Google, I should be able to upgrade this system to 4 GB memory, and (presumably) either a much larger internal HD, or simply *not* storing non-software stuff on the internal HD.  (backups to thumb-drives, external Gdrive, whatever.)

In principle, I can do a fair amount of the early, command-line stuff via Cygwin.  (I appear to have gottten at least the Gcc compiler installed, and my installation of Cygwin doesn’t appear to be “broken” — at least, not in any obvious way.

Eventually, I will (most likely) end up upgrading this system (maxing it out as far as memory etc.), and (probably) creating virtual machines — to use as isolated “sandboxes” for learning programming, etc.

In principle (and this is the part which makes this potentially really cool) the Virtual machines themselves are “portable”, such that I would (theoretically) be able to use them with any suitable physical hardware machine.

Theoretically…..if I have actually understood this stuff.

Further, since I have managed to fight Cygwin into some kind of functionality  without descending into murderous rage/despair — there *may* actually be some sort of — possibility?


The other step forward: I downloaded the free (as in “gratis”) version of “Teracopy”.  Seems to be much more useful for dealing with large amounts of files.

Next step: 3 (or more?) semi-related projects:

1. Continue organizing such portions of the music collection as are already digitized).

2. Begin (continue?) sorting/organizing analog media (most of which became disorganized during the last move some years back, and/or because I had to move the shelves around because of water leakage from the plumbing, etc.)

3. Organize audio samples, and/or that portion of the copious amount of stuff I have recorded over the course of the past 25(?) or more years.  A significant amount of the early stuff is on double-speed cassette-tape, recorded as 4-channel multitrack.  How in hell am I going to transfer those?) 😦

At any rate: things appear to be at least semi-functional, so I’m not sure if the people mentioned in the previous post should die screaming, or not. 🙂



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