I didn’t go to any of my High school reunions. As a result, my former “classmates” are still alive

There is only one reason why I would ever go to a High school reunion:

If I were diagnosed with a terminal illness, that would be the perfect opportunity to kill a large number of my former “classmates”, in a (relatively) orderly fashion.

I literally had no friends back then.  My “classmates” fell into two categories, which were mutually exclusive and mutually exhaustive:

Those who ignored me and those who bullied me.

I didn’t “date”.  I didn’t “hang out” with any of them.  I didn’t engage in “school spirit”.  Quite frankly, my only major “gripe” with the Columbine shooters was that they failed — their explosive devices didn’t go off.

To this day: I genuinely cannot keep from smiling if I find out that something horrible has befallen of them.

To the extent that any of them have become “parents” in the intervening decades, I can pretty solidly state that their “parental” status derives from the mere fact that they were too damned stupid to refrain from breeding unexpectedly.

“Unplanned” pregnancy (among either the married OR unmarried populace) is a sign of stupidity.   Either the women are too stupid to track their own fertility, or the couple are too stupid to use condoms/birth control pills.

There is literally nothing admirable — or even semi-defensible — about individuals who are too stupid/negligent to refrain from breeding “accidentally” attempting to “parent” the subsequent offspring.

Quite frankly, the resultant “latchkey”-kids are only slightly better off than your stereotypical “prom-night dumpster baby”, in that their “parents” at least attempt to feed/clothe their “Special little drunken mistake” instead of disposing of it out of hand.

As in ALL other areas: If you fail to plan, PLAN TO FAIL.

Likewise, when these “people” attempt to live vicariously through their resultant offspring (because they were too stupid/negligent/cowardly to even attempt to reach their own life-goals), I have nothing but contempt for them.

And no: the fruit of your idiocy/negligence is not a “blessing”, foreordained by Yahweh:

Every time I hear/read someone invoking the idea of “destiny” I can’t help thinking about it logically:  if you were “destined” to (for example) be born under a particular astronomical sign, does it THEREFORE follow that your parents were likewise “destined” to engage in a drunken “hook-up” after the rock-concert (where you were conceived)?

With regard to religious “belief”, I genuinely respect only two groups: clergy and Converts — because those are the only two demographics who are even SEMI-CONSCIOUS in regard to their religious belief — rather than merely aping/parroting their parents.

In the same vein: I have ZERO respect for those who become parents “accidentally” — whether or not the individuals in question happen to be in a “committed” relationship/marriage, and WITHOUT regard to their financial situation:

The mere fact that were too stupid to refrain from breeding “accidentally” is both a necessary and sufficient condition for the claim that they WILL drastically mishandle “parenting” as a result.

I *would* have respect for those involved with IVF/surrogacy etc. — except inasmuch as (far too frequently) the resultant offspring — if any — are mere “trophies” intended to placate the socially-enforced delusion that the mere act of breeding in and of itself is an inherently virtuous reaffirmation of masculine/feminine “gender”-role expectations.

(Quite honestly, I also see this as at least part of the animus against adoption/the horror stories about “Foster”-care, etc.: people are too stupid to refrain from “accidental” breeding, but to goddamned narcissistic to give a shit about infants/children/teens who aren’t related by “blood”).

To some degree (in my “darker” moments) I genuinely believe that the “switched at birth” phenomenon (where parents are given the “wrong” infants) should be mandatory policy: individuals/couples should not be “permitted” to “raise” children to whom they are “genetically” related.

This would go a long way toward correcting much of what we currently (mis)understand as “social” problems:

For example: it would be difficult (if not impossible) for a “White” adult to continue to be racist after having raised a non-“White” child.

Similarly, a sociopolitical system where everyone was “adopted” (IE: not “raised” by blood-relatives) would go a long way toward alleviating the pressure on those who were too stupid to refrain from “accidental” breeding and/or incapable of such “accidental” breeding due to “infertility”) by ensuring that there would always be infants/children available to those who genuinely desired to “raise” them and were willing to approach doing so in a conscientious fashion.

It would also conclusively destroy all of the idiotic prattle about the (supposed) “crisis” posed by “mixed marriage”/”miscegenation”: EVERYONE would have access to at least two “identities” (the “familial” one perpetrated on them by their ‘adoptive’ parents, AND the one which is currently — regrettably — perpetrated on them due to their ethnicity/”blood”).

It strikes me (in my darker moments), that a genuinely civilized sociopolitical order would regard the desire to “raise” one’s own “biological” offspring with the same level of distaste that we reserve for incest and childhood sexual abuse.

I realize that the above recommendations probably won’t happen– at least not on any significant scale.  Most people are (as I said earlier) too stupid/negligent/narcissistic to refrain from “accidental” breeding/actually give a shit about infants/children/teens outside of their won “bloodline”, etc.)

It *would* make society infinitely better, however.






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