If your religion cannot survive exclusively via “conversion” or the principled assent of its adherents, it should not survive AT ALL:

The following will probably be (mis)understood as “antisemitism”:

If Judaism (or any other “Ethno-religious” identity) can only perpetuate itself by “blood”, then it is self-invalidating, by that very fact.  Quite frankly, the notion of a “Jewish race” should not have survived the (attempted) genocide inflicted on Europe’s Jewish population.

This is why I have utmost respect for individuals who choose to engage in (so-called) “misceegenation”.  The delusion/superstition of “races” or “peoples” should have been conclusively and utterly repudiated after World war II:  the spectacle of two “peoples” (the Germans and Japanese) engaging in the ultimate form of jackboot tyranny and mass slaughter should have been enough to utterly discredit the notion of ethnic/religious “identity” completely.


Mischling (“mixed-blood” in German, plural: Mischlinge) was the German term used during the Third Reich to denote persons deemed to have both Aryan and Jewish ancestry.[1] The word has essentially the same origin as the 17th-century and now obsolete English term mestee, mestizo in Spanish and métis in French. In German, the word has the general denotation of hybrid, mongrel, or half-breed.[2]

I have no respect for the notion of taking “pride” in trivialities such as “ancestry”, and the spread of “ancestry”-fetishism (by such gimmicky bullshit as “AncestryDNA.com” should be chilling to anyone with even a modicum of historical consciousness:

Just ask Zlata Fillipovic (or anyone else unfortunate enough to have experienced the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia.)


Put bluntly: fuck racism, fuck ethnic “pride”, fuck “heritage”, and anyone who attempts to pretty up such notions is, essentially, acting as an apologist for every genocide/”religoous” war in history.



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