Those who ignored me, vs. those who bullied me: which cohort are more guilty?

I honestly cannot decide who are more guilty in bullying situations: the “bullies” themselves, or the enablers.

For example: the classmates who tacked me at recess, and kneed me in the groin until I vomited were enabled to do so both by the other students’ failure to intervene, and by the failure of the teachers etc. to punish them for doing so.

The worst enablers, however, were my own “parents” — both because they advocated that I should “just ignore them” (which PREDICTABLY resulting in the bullies merely escalating the violence) and for failing to “home-school” me.

“Public” education is essentially a form of “buck-passing”.   I can understand why they did it (my “mom” was working double shifts at the pasta factory so as to keep us from becoming homeless, while my “dad” was off getting rip-ass drunk/fucking random bar-sluts).  It makes perfect sense that they would abdicate their parental responsibilities in that way.

They assumed (incorrectly) that the school system would handle it (which they didn’t).

So: yeah.  The ones who bear primary responsibility for the incessant bullying I experienced during my “school years” were my own parents, and the parents of the bullies, themselves.

If we had all been home-schooled/unschooled, none of the bullies would have had the opportunity to do violence to me.



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