Books to read to REALLY learn about Ayn Rand:

  1. The Passion of Ayn Rand – Barbara Branden
  2. Judgement day: my years with Ayn Rand – Nathaniel Branden
  3. Journals of Ayn Rand – Ayn Rand

The above three books should be enough to demonstrate (Objectively!) the fact that Ayn Rand was “neither omniscient, nor infallible”.   Actually, she was a chain-smoking, amphetamine-addicted, pseudo-intellectual hack who managed to surround herself with a gaggle of tragically-gullible acolytes (most of whom were members of a single Canadian Jewish family). 

The bizarre thing about Ayn Rand is: even with a vast amount of (undeserved) fame and prestige, she was utterly incapable of even writing a single-volume treatment of “her” philosophy (Objectivism).  She was also unable to even write a newsletter in a timely fashion.

She was, however, entirely capable of:

  1. acquiring an “anchor husband” (so as to avoid being deported, without having to actually become a naturalized citizen).
  2. Cuckolding that “anchor-husband” (who turned into a hopeless drunk as a result)
  3. Systematically alienating 99% of her own fans/acolytes.
  4. Throwing a tantrum/destroy version 1.0 of the “Objectivist movement”.

In other words: Ayn Rand was basically the female equivalent of L. Ron Hubbard: a pretentious, pseudo-intellectual hack who nevertheless managed to hoodwink the gullible and desperate.

This is tragic.  The primary reason for Ayn Rand’s “relevance” has nothing to do with her own stature/abilities/”greatness”, and everything to do with the rampant, blatant, “Horror-file” idiocy surrounding her.  It really doesn’t take that much effort to do better than (for example) pretentious, obscurantist, nihilist schlock.  All that is necessary is to mouth some “glittering generalities” about “reason” and “individual freedom”, and you are pretty much guaranteed to attract at least a few listeners — NOT so much because of your own “greatness”, but merely because your “fans” are justifiably  confused/repelled/repulsed by the rising tide of shit-swill.  They are also surrounded by the (ever more precarious) remnants of a (somewhat more) reality-based (IE: Aristotelian) worldview.  It isn’t particularly difficult for a pseudo-intellectual hack to step into the void that remains when the “Intellectuals” of a given era have declared their own impotence/idiocy.




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