Leonard Peikoff: human train-wreck

I dislike Leonard Peikoff:

  1. He created ARI: If he hadn’t done that, Ayn Rand’s idiotic schlock would have most likely vanished into the dustbin of history, by now.  Ayn Rand had already systematically destroyed version 1.0 of “The Objectivist Movement” (NBI).  Quite frankly, the “Objectivist Movement” didn’t deserve to be resurrected.  Ayn Rand couldn’t even manage to keep up with her shitty newsletter.  She had already driven off the two people most responsible for giving Objectivism whatever coherence and respectability it had ever had (the Brandens), so Leonard Peikoff’s attempt to recreate NBI strikes me as genuinely pathetic.
  2. He’s been “milking” Ayn Rand’s “intellectual property” for decades.   Quite frankly, in a sane culture, Rand’s idiotic schlock would have entered the “Public Domain” a mere 14 years after initial publication.  Unfortunately, scumbags such as the RIAA have been bribing their way to ever-longer copy’right’ terms for decades.  Result?  Life-plus-70.  Peikoff (As Rand’s “legal and intellectual heir”) didn’t have to produce “The Ominous Parallels” or OPAR.  He certainly didn’t have to get them done in a “timely” fashion.  He’s been essentially “free-riding” both on Ayn Rand (in that her novels are still generating “royalties” long after they should have entered the Public Domain) and on the Orren Boyle-type antics of “lobbying” groups like the RIAA (who are the primary reason Rand’s idiotic nonsense didn’t go “Public Domain” decades ago.)

Quite frankly: Leonard Piekoff should be sucking Cary Sherman’s  dick, merely out of gratitude for having made it possible for Peikoff to continue gouging “royalties” on (shitty) novels which should have gone “Public Domain” decades ago.

3.  He’s a pretentious, pseudo-intellectual hack in his own right.

The only even halfway-decent book is “Ominous Parallels”.  OPAR is basically a re-write of Peikoff’s 1976 lecture course, which was itself a “remake” of Nathaniel Branden’s Basic Principles of Objectivism tape-lectures from the NBI days.  (Rand had ensured that those lectures went down the “Memory hole”, so it was imperative that her current “legal and intellectual heir” be in a position to shit out an “authorized” replacement for them.)

The Ominous Parallels was basically the only even semi-valuable thing that Peikoff ever did.

The only genuinely good thing about NBI is: it probably won’t survive once Peikoff is dead.  “Yawwon Bwook” basically ensures that the “philosophy” of Objectivism becomes a laughing-stock.  Nobody wants to listen to the real-life equivalent of Elmer Fudd babbling about “Weezin, Sewf-intewest, and capitawizm”. 🙂

But yeah, Leonard Peikoff is a pathetic little man who has spent the last several decades cowering in the shadow of an even-more pathetic woman (Ayn Rand).



One thought on “Leonard Peikoff: human train-wreck

  1. Also notice the irony that the Ayn Rand Institute buys bulk quantities of Rand’s novels and gives them to high school students as part of its essay writing contests, whether these kids want these novels or not.

    Not only does this prop up the production and sales of Rand’s novels artificially, but this intervention into the market also distorts price signals for what teenagers really want to read. Doesn’t the Ayn Rand Institute run the risk of causing economic chaos or something, according to Objectivists’ favorite economist Ludwig von Mises?

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