Leonard Peikoff: openly gleeful about his own ineptitude

From The “Legal and Intellectual Heir”-head, himself:

Two points I want to make public. I was asked a few times when my novel would be finished. The best answer I can give is the facts about my first book, The Ominous Parallels. I signed a contract with a publisher in May 1968 with the promise to deliver the ms. by Sept, so it could be brought out before the 68 Presidential election. In fact, I finished the writing in the spring of 1980, and then had to wait two years to find a publisher. Is that relevant here? Fiction is easier for me, but I’m a lot older. So my only answer is: hopefully much less than TOP, maybe not more than 3 years from now.


So, if I read this correctly, Peikoff fucked over a publisher back in 1968 (by only getting the “promised” book finished twelve years too late), and yet, he wants to bitch that it only took him another two years to scavenge up a publisher?

Of course, the above really shouldn’t surprise anyone: At least he did better than Ayn Rand, in that he eventually managed to complete something.   Post-Fountainhead, Rand attempted (and failed to complete) a book titled The Moral Basis of Individualism.

I’ve tried to discover whether she was sued for “breach of contract”, but never turned anything up.

So, yeah: The only even halfway-decent book Peikoff ever wrote took him twelve years longer than his initial estimate, and most likely involved him being sued by a publisher.

Honestly:  whatever respect I may have initially had for the guy is….completely gone at this point.

(Plus, his “novel” is pretty much guaranteed to be abysmally bad.  I’m not sure exactly how….maybe a lurid fantasy-sequence where a teen-aged Leonard Peikoff is initiated into the mysteries of “rational sexuality” by Ayn Rand, who has just discovered him hiding in her bedroom closet — since he just watched her and N.B. “get it on”.)

Somehow, I feel unclean even having written the above. 🙂

Lenny, Lenny Lenny: just….give it up, man. 🙂


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