Destroying a couch sucks

Actually, I (mostly) hate furniture:

Quite frankly, if I was still “single”, I would not have 90% of the furniture cluttering our house — and definitely none of the “knick-knacks”.

I have nothing against those who enjoy such things (my wife, for example).  However, much of that “enjoyment” comes from fulfilling social expectations which are decidedly non-utililitarian.   I understand desks, storage shelves etc. — but deliberately cluttering your walls with photos in easily-damaged frames?  That will never make any sense to me:  Digitize them (assuming that they were “analog-native” photos in the first place).  Then you can print ’em out at any size desired.  (There are even companies specializing in that sort of thing — blown-up portraits or whatever, that you can hang on your wall etc.)

At any rate: 5+ years ago (back in PA) we spent what I considered an inordinate amount on a new couch.  Subsequently, it was (somewhat) damaged during the move here, and sustained more damage afterward.  Then someone gave us another couch which “fit” better with the layout of the house.

So, I get stuck with the oh-so-enjoyable task of destroying a couch which initially cost some ridiculous amount 5 years ago, and which I am now required to smash to bits, so that the trash guys will remove it.

That depresses me.  I honestly have no “aesthetic” sense, when it comes to furniture.  I barely understand the “need” for a dedicated “bedroom” (given that it is entirely possible to sleep on the “living room” couch.  Moreover, mattresses are so damnably expensive that it bobbles the mind exactly why people even bother…..)

Ah well, I’m weird.   Anyway: my “tools” consist of:

  1. A sledgehammer
  2. A “Claw”-hammer
  3. A flat, metal “pry-bar”
  4. long-nose pliers (Not sure if they qualify as “needle”, or not).

In essence, the project consists of “separating” the wood/cardboard(!!!!)/fabric etc. from the underlying metal.  Hopefully a guy we know will be able to disassemble the metal.  The wood/fabric etc. is acceptable for trash-disposal.

Anyway…the project sucks.    It seems far too easy (given the overall flimsiness and shit-tastic “construction” of most modern “consumer-grade” goods) to “accidentally” damage/destroy things easily enough.  How in hell can it be so difficult to destroy a couch on purpose?

Frustrating…..intensely……annoying! 😦


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