Becky Wegner Rommel’s other videos:

So……like I said:

After her weird, weep/screaming rant went “viral” (and she became “Internet-Famous”), Becky tried to scrub her online presence.

That never works — especially if you link all of your “online” activities together.  Actually, it doesn’t even work THEN, because you’re pretty much guaranteed that stuff will not stay “gone”, even if you delete the original copies/post.

That’s right: the stuff will inevitably be “mirrored” — whether via screen–captures, re-uploading the “offending” content itself, or whatever.  Quite frankly (unless Becky can figure out how to release the DMCA-hounds on literally everyone with an Internet connection, on the entire planet, she will NEVER be able to live that video down.

Same goes for the (equally weepy and incoherent) video she filmed in her car, during a thunderstorm.  Same goes for the (equally weepy and incoherent) anti-addiction video involving the dead mouse in the box-trap.

The horrifying thing is: Becky seems to be both:

  1. (Comparatively) harmless
  2. Barely hanging by a thread (psychologically-speaking)

There’s something genuinely worrisome about the fact that the three remaining videos all culminate in the same sort of weep/screaming meltdowns.  This isn’t just religious “zeal” — there is a genuinely desperate and tortured quality to her.  The fact that she gets emotionally overwrought to the point where she can barely speak coherently indicates that there is something severely “off”.

The horrifying thing is: nobody gives a shit.  The fact that she went all “Chris Crocker” (Leave Britney alooooooone!) was enough to provoke the “feeding-frenzy”.   the “comment” section on her three remaining Youtube videos have turned into just about what you’d expect — Becky pretending to herself that her status as a laughing-stock is the equivalent of being thrown to the lions, etc.

I honestly feel bad for her.   The sheer number of “reaction” videos/impersonations (by drag-queens and others) etc. is……unfortunate.  To be honest, a fair amount of  that verges dangerously close to “cyber-bullying”.

(To be fair: she cast the first stone… she shouldn’t whine about the “blow-back”.

But, still…   None of us know that much of her “back-story”.  I don’t know if she (like Tammy Faye Baker) grew up in some weird “Fundie” subculture or other (although she does drop some hints during the “addiction” video about her family situation having been pretty horrible).

I DO get the feeling that she probably didn’t think her weep/screaming meltdown would go “viral”, and turn her into a Drag-queen’s dream.

This is why I don’t use the acronym “IRL” (“In Real Life”): EVERYTHING happens in “real life” — including your “online” presence.

Having said that, there are a few things she could do by way of “damage-control”:

  1. Stop attempting to “engage” with people via the “Comments” section on Youtube.
  2. Disable comments on her videos.
  3. Upload a more coherent and reasonable explanation of her “beliefs”, without all the confronational “I don’t care whether you like me or not!” snark and condescension.

I’m actually surprised that 4chan/”Anonymous” etc. haven’t declared her to be a “LOLcow”, and “swarmed” her.   They do that, fairly frequently.



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