Mormon “baptism of the dead” = a blatantly EVIL practice

Several reasons:

  1. A lot of people dislike the notion of infant baptism, because infants are (presumably) incapable of consenting to the practice.  Um… exactly is that any different from “baptizing” someone after they’re already dead?
  2. It discounts the expressed wishes of the individual (IE: the “belief” — if any — they professed while alive).

The truly horrifying thing is: the LDS church might very well decide to “baptize” you postumously.  I can find NO simple means of stopping them from doing this. 

That’s a problem.  the LDS needs to change their policies on this:  EITHER:

  1. Only do postumous baptisms for those who have EXPLICITLY consented.
  2. Have an “opt-out” list of some kind.
  3. STOP doing it entirely.

Actually, the LDS is in a uniquely-fortunate position in this regard:  their “continuing revelation” shtick gives them an easy “out”, whenever any specific doctrinal point becomes too onerous/idiotic to defend.  (For example: their virulent anti-Black racism).

Assholes. 😦


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