The best thing about the Amish: their eventual non-viability:

The Amish are afflicted with (fairly) serious congenital disorders related to the fact that they are extremely inbred after several centuries of self-imposed “ghettoization”.

Quite frankly, the only rational response to the above is: GOOD!  It serves you right!

CENTURIES of self-imposed sub-cultural isolation have FINALLY come “home to roost”.

Quite frankly, this is a wonderful thing: The Amish may breed like rats, but their (escalating) genetic deterioration necessarily implies that they WILL eventually hit a point where the mutations become non-viable.

In other words: Any given infestation of Amish is “self-correcting” — whether through the victimized populace WISING UP (and abandoning their delusional subculture), or by simply because a few more generations WILL result in their eventual inability to continue to “breed”.

Either way: GOOD: technophobic, ignorant, inbred, puppy-mill-runnin’ PINHEADS.

Fuck ’em (and the horse-and-buggies they rode in on!) 🙂



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