The only real “down-side” to the facts cited in the previous post:

Any region dumb enough to base their “tourism” strategy around “milking” the Amish will be negatively impacted when the inbred, cult-weirdos finally  go non-viable:

I give it another 15 years (at most):

Quite frankly, if the level of “slippage” has already degraded the two major pockets of Amish “culture” (in Ohio and Pennsylvania) to the degree indicated, then the total collapse of their pathetic little pseudo-“culture” is basically inevitable.

The same kind of thing is happening among some parts of the “Fundamentalist Mormon” population, from what I can gather.

All I can say is: stupidity is its own reward.

(The tragically-funny irony (ESPECIALLY when it comes to the Amish) is: the only way any of these inbred, cultic weirdos will possibly survive, is by means of exactly the kind of scientific/technological knowledge their shitty cult-trap of a “culture” is incapable of producing by design.

I have 0% sympathy of pity for any of them.



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