The one simple reason why religious “debate” is (most likely) futile:

The tragic thing about religion in general (and – Christianity in particular) is: “debate” seldom (if ever) works.

Over the last 2000 years, Christianity’s “leaders” have managed to construct an amazingly simple formula which can be (and IS) used to “answer” anyone tempted to engage in Thoughtcrime (IE: failure to unthinkingly “swallow” the specific dogma they’ve been force-fed from childhood on):

As described on one website:

The godly base their confidence on two truths: 1) “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God” (2 Timothy 3:16); and 2) an elementary rule of Scripture is that God has deliberately included seeming contradictions in His Word to “snare” the proud. He has “hidden” things from the “wise and prudent” and “revealed them to babes” (Luke 10:21), purposely choosing foolish things to confound the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27).

There you have it:

  1. The author acknowledges the “seeming” contradictions/discrepancies etc., but hand-waves them away by asserting that God has deliberately planted them to “snare the proud” (IE: anyone “arrogant” enough to ask inconvenient questions).

2. The author also manages a “double-win” for the claim that the Bible is “divinely inspired”, because in the above scenario, that “Inspiration” also applies to everything from “seeming” scribal error, right on down to ENTIRE BLOCKS OF TEXT which “seem” to have been inserted at a specific point in time, given that they are “missing” from earlier manuscripts.

“Fundie” Christianity has to be the easiest/laziest/most dangerous thing I’ve ever encountered:

  1. The Bible is “literally” true (except for the metaphors, symbolism and parables).
  2. Any “seeming” discrepancies/contradictions etc. are merely “snares” for “the Proud”.
  3. The same goes for inconvenient evidence from: geology, the fossil record, biology, archaeology,Astronomy, the “secular” historical record,  more intelligent/honest “Biblical scholars” from Non-Fundie Denominations, etc.

There is literally no way to “answer” idiotic shit like this, because it is specifically designed as a formal repudiation of “rationality” AS SUCH.

Those afflicted with the above psychosis are impervious to everything from counter-evidence refuting their position, right on down to the requirement that their position be consistent with itself.

Counter-evidence?   A “Snare for the proud” — Have “Faith!!!”

“Sacred” text contradicts itself?  A “Snare for the proud” — Have “Faith!!!”

A welter of (incompatible) “Denominations”:  “Satanic Counterfeits”, designed for the “itching ears” of those who refuse to “tolerate sound doctrine!” — have “faith!!!!”

Does this mean that everyone affiliated with “Fundie”-type denominations is like this?  Of course not — which is exactly why what passes for Fundie “intellectuals” invented idiotic bullshit like the above.  Quite frankly, it is the only way they can sustain the level of mind-destroying idiocy their “movement” requires.






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