“Plagiarism by anticipation”: LOLwut?

I honestly thought the “Snare for the proud” school of hand-waving highlighted in the last post was the most idiotic thing I had ever encountered — until I discovered THIS:

Various early church writers, such as Irenaeus (Bishop of Lyons; circa 120 CE to ?) Justin Martyr (Christian apologist; 100 to 165), Tertullian (Christian theologian; circa 160 to 220 +) concluded that the Pagan/Christian similarities were a Satanic attempt at “diabolical mimicry.” Satan was said to have use “plagiarism by anticipation.” That is, the Devil made a pre-emptive strike against the gospel stories centuries before Jesus was born. The reason was to confuse the public into thinking that Jesus was merely a copy of previous god-men. The goal was to demolish the credibility of Christianity in the people’s eyes.


Quite frankly, the two lines of “argument” go a long way toward explaining why Christianity has only ever managed to achieve mass-cultural dominance by means of brutality.

It is literally impossible to present a rational argument for (or against), under the following conditions:

  1. God deliberately corrupts the “Sacred” text (a morass of “seeming” contradictions/discrepancies/scribal errors), merely as a “test” for “Believers”, and/or a “Snare for the Proud”.
  2. He has also caused “Divinely inspired” forgers to insert entire blocks of “verses” — which were then blithely treated as the “Gospel truth” by subsequent copyists/printers/translation-teams, etc.
  3. He has also systematically faked things so that dinosaurs appear to have existed prior to 4004 BC. (“Young Earth” idiocy)
  4. Meanwhile, Satan preemptively attempted to discredit Christianity by creating entire “pagan” religions THOUSANDS OF YEARS before the (purported) events he was trying to “discredit”.

In other words: Oceania is at war with Eastasia.  Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.

To be honest: no wonder so many simply dismiss Christianity outright: the fact that they do indicates nothing other than their admirable lack of stupidity and self-deception.

Are their BETTER people involved with Christianity?   Of course.  Theologians/apologists have invested centuries of effort into NOT creating a theology which requires the “Believer” to resort to drool-spattered idiocy like the above.



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