Ayn Rand: approximately 1000 times worse than I ever realized:

A few days ago, I got around to buying a book of which most people have undoubtedly never even heard:  Paul Lepanto’s  book A Return to Reason.

Published in 1971, the book represents Lepanto’s attempt to create what I would call an “Objectivist primer” (IE: a single-volume presentation of the basic structure and truth-claims  upon which “Objectivism” rests.)

The result is (on one level) fairly predictable: if you’re familiar with the NBI-era stuff by Nathaniel Branden (for instance: the Basic Principles of Objectivism lectures) the thing reads like (somewhat) poorly-organized lecture notes.

The thing is: the mere fact that Lepanto was capable of producing such a single-volume “primer” is itself an indictment against Ayn Rand:  her failure to produce such a text (on TWO separate occasions, and even when explicitly contracted to do so by her publisher) comes down to one incontrovertible fact: SHE COULDN’T BE BOTHERED.

Ayn Rand was a whim-ridden, pseudo-intellectual hack who preyed on a gaggle of “idealistic” (IE: gullible) acolytes, and then systematically destroyed the “movement” which she, herelf (“Qua” shitty hack novelist) could NEVER have created.

Yet again, a case where a Randroid manages to out-perform the “Goddess of the market” herself.

Let’s see:

So far (in terms of single-volume presentations), we have:

  1. Nathaniel Branden (Basic Principles of Objectivism/”The Vision of Ayn Rand”)
  2. Paul Lepanto (Return to Reason)
  3. Leonard Peikoff (final chapter of The Ominous Parallels, OPAR)
  4. Andrew Bernstein (Objectivsim in one lesson)

Again, I can’t help but ask: Her “FOLLOWERS’ are capable of presenting at least the “bare-bones” of Objectivism in a single volume.  What the hell was HER excuse for failing to do so?

And, no: whim-ridden bullshit about how she wasn’t “interested” in doing so won’t cut it.

Nor will the claim that she failed to do it because she was hoping to write another novel.  She NEVER completed To Lorne Dieteriing.   OR the “Atlas Shrugged” miniseries, or….well, you get the idea.

Ayn Rand was a slutty, pseudo-intellectual, chain-smoking shit-heap of a person, and quite frankly, given the above (incontrovertible) facts, every aspect of “her” philosophy should be treated with suspicion, as a result.




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