Leviticus: the delicate art of cherry-picking:

Some while back, I happened to stumble across a “discussion” where a specific individual stated that he “doesn’t care for” tattoos, specifically they are prohibited by Leviticus (since “pagans” supposedly engaged in tattooing).

Now, what’s fascinating about this guy (and millions just like him) is: he has admitted to eating both ham AND shrimp — which are also against the same “law” mentioned in Leviticus.

I can’t really wrap my mind around this:  failure to observe Kashrut  is ignored (because they likes them some Red Lobster!), but Tattooing is (supposedly) “pagan” — as are pierced ears, evidently, but…..”Cafeteria” Christianity, etc.

Doubtless there is some obscure (and not entirely plausible) theological “explanation” for this discrepancy.  Given the sheer multiplicity of “Christian” denominations, there are undoubtedly a myriad forms of such “hand-waving”.

I honestly can’t bring myself to take that level of “debate” seriously — first, because it is utterly futile (such discussions are a “snare for the proud”), and also because I realized long ago than each and every piddling little sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-“denomination” is based on the notion that they — and only they — happen to have picked the “right” bucket of theological cherries.




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