Stupid “arguments” against Amateur radio:

My so-called mother (the functionally-illiterate, chainsmoking apologist/enabler for my idiot, heroin-addict half brother) — on top of everything else, has always sneered at Amateur radio.

Her “reasoning”?   The fact that cell-phones/The Internet exist.

Her “reasoning” appears to be based on the implicit premise that the aforementioned telecommunications “Grids” are both impervious to disruption and capable of handling an unlimited amount of “traffic” in the event  of local/regional/national/global  SHTF-type events (floods/hurricanes/terrorism/nuclear war, etc.)

Unfortunately for the ignorant sub-animals who believe the above myths, there was the pesky real-world example of what happened in the aftermath of Michael Jackson’s death (as the aforementioned sub-animals swarmed “online” en masse, and in so doing, created what is effectively the largest DDoS attack in history:

Quite frankly, any sort of event where cell-phones/the “Internet” become absolutely critical to the wellbeing/short-term survival of their user-base is exactly the type of scenario most conducive to them being severely compromised (if not outright disrupted).

ESPECIALLY if stupid sub-animals like her have deprived themselves of access to alternate communications-channels.

This is one reason why the “no outdoor antenna” bullshit antics of many HOAs annoys me to no end: quite frankly, far from being a detriment to your oh-so-precious “property values”, the existence of local amateur radio operators SHOULD be viewed as UNEQUIVOCABLY POSITIVE, if for no other reason than the proven track record of Amateur radio operators in the area of what part 97 of the FCC rules calls “emergency communications”.

But, no:  instead of recognizing the (incontrovertible) fact that their local amateur radio operator’s “shack” could very literally be a life-saver, they whine about outdoor antennas being “unsightly”.

The only good thing is: this level of ignorance is “self-correcting”, in that those who have elected to compromise themselves in this manner (by inconveniencing/hobbling their resident amateur radio operators’ ability to function effectively in an “Emergency communications” capacity) are exactly the folks most likely to die en masse once the “authorities” (and/or “mainstream” communications-channels) predictably become overwhelmed — and useless — at exactly the “wrong” time.

Quite frankly: if you fail to prepare, PREPARE TO FAIL.

Moreover, you richly and unambiguously deserve EVERY SECOND of such failure, if (when?) it happens.

Having said that: there really shouldn’t be any reason whatsoever for your “shack” (or at least a usable sub-set of it) to NOT be portable.  For example: in the event that my wife and I are required to evacuate (hurricane, etc.): what use is any of the gear going to be, if it is “tethered” — whether to the electrical “grid” itself, or to an elaborate outdoor antenna-farm/rats’-nest of wire?

In principle, the watch-word should be: can this be thrown into a “bug-out” bag, and deployed off-site, if/when such becomes necessary?

Because let’s be honest: there’s a significant probability that you won’t have the luxury of stable grid-based electric power etc., in any genuine emergency.



2 thoughts on “Stupid “arguments” against Amateur radio:

  1. I regularly point out the flaws in the wired and wireless telecom sphere. I tell people that when you have a concentration of 4 subscribers for every path through the public switched telephone network – you’re going to get blocking.

    The same is true by the way of public safety trunked radios. Good luck when the shit does hit the fan – their radios will be pretty much useless too.

    • Exactly — which is *bound* to negatively impact the ability for those in “authority” to adequately cope with the situation — whatever it may be.

      Quite frankly, failure to even *consider* backup communications-channels strikes me as exactly the same sort of idiotic negligence behind people not keeping bottled water on hand. They assume (wrongly) that because tap-water is available *now*, they don’t have to bother even considering the possibility of that not being the case — UNTIL it happens (at which time they — predictably — throw a pants-shitting tantrum.

      I honestly need to be more actively involved with amateur radio etc. (Of course, I say the same thing *every* hurricane season, and then “daily life” bites me in the ass……

      But, at least I *know* when I drop the ball.

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