The Orlando attacks demonstrated EXACTLY why this “civilization” is edging toward a (self-inflicted) Dark Age:

Now, here’s what’s horrifying about the above:

First: “Liberals” are completely unable to even begin to wrap their minds around “Political Islam”.  There are sound ideological reasons for that:

  1. Right-wing assholes have done a bang-up job creating the “Muslim = Arab = Terrorist” narrative (especially since 9/11).  So, “Liberals” have no choice but to fall all over themselves trying to evade the fact that a specific subset of (self-identified) Muslims take THEIR interpretaiton of Islam seriously enough to spill oceans of blood.    This really shouldn’t be too surprising, given that “Christian” Europe was no stranger to “faith-based” slaughter.

So, “Liberals” cannot afford to admit that some Muslims (many of whom also happen to be “People of Color”) are more than willing to (for example) kill gay people.

The other (insoluble) ideological bind is: The Leftist commitment to “diversity” and “Multiculturalism” simply cannot admit that there IS a distinction between civilized cultures and ignorant, illiterate, backwater hell-holes.  ISIL and similar groups are HELL-BENT on destroying civilization, and plunging the rest of humankind into a self-inflicted Dark Age.

THIS is why they are actively involved in attempting to erase the “pre-Muslim” history of areas they control:

So, yeah: pretty much everything civilized humans value (religious freedom, political freedom, “tolerance”, diversity, etc.) is threatened by a gaggle of (well-armed) psychopaths, many of whom just happen to be “PoC” who — by their own admission — are motivated by the desperate desire to enforce their cultural and religious “traditions” — if neccesary, at gun-point.

For Leftists to even admit the problem, they would have to ALSO admit the following:

  1. It IS possible for “People of Color” to do genuinely horrible things.
  2. Not all “cultural traditions” are equally valuable.  In fact, some (FGM, for example) are fundamentally evil.
  3. Many “traditional” cultures are racist/sexist/homophlbic as FUCK.

Too many “liberals” regard the above 3 truths to be mere “Right-wing” propaganda.

For their part, Right-wingers are — if anything — equally fucked:

ESPECIALLY Fundie Christians.

Right-wingers have been relentlessly milking “traditional” homophobia — especially since the Supreme Court decided in favor of marriage equality.  So, they can’t very well continue milking “bible-based” homophobia unless they are ALSO willing to admit that “radical Muslims” do a far better job of punishing (slaughtering?) “Sodomites” than Fundie Christians could ever even begin to do.

The possible exception to the above is the “Dominionists”, but they squandered whatever political “clout” they might have had, back during the G.W. Bush fiasco (er, I mean “Administration”):

So, yeah: nobody in the “mainstream” is going to be able to deal with this kind of thing:  both “sides” of the so-called “culture war” have way too much to lose.



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