So predictable it burns:

  1. Right-wingers (including Fundies) are in a bind:

On one hand, the more “Leviticus”-minded type of Fundie would genuinely like nothing better than for all “Sodomites” to be stoned to death.  They have always explicitly stated that “their blood shall be upon them” — remember the tendency to claim that AIDS was “God’s judgement?”

So, they don’t really give a shit, or at least, not that big of a shit.

Right-wingers ultimately cannot get all that choked up over what amounts to a “spat” between two demographic “communities” they already despite: Gays and Muslims.

2. “Liberals”/”Progressives” are in a different sort of bind:

Ever since approximately 1965 (when the various civil Rights laws finally smashed “Jim Crow” segregation), self-proclaimed “Liberals”/”Progressives” have been operating from an ideological playbook derived from the “identity politics” of that era:  they see women, “People of color” and other so-called “minority groups” as essentially interchangeable “victims” of the Left’s specific folk-devil:  “Rich” White, heterosexual males.

This tactic *was* useful, because it allowed the Left to absorb whole demographic groups by default — the non-rich, non-White, non-“Straight”, non-male, etc.

(This is also where their lip-service to “tolerance” and “diversity” comes into play:  having absorbed (hijacked?) so many different demographic “communities”, they can only pretend that their “big tent” is one big, harmonious, “Shiny, happy” cuddle-pile.

Except of course….its not.

“Liberals”/”Progressives” have been really hoping that the “mainstream” won’t notice all the rancor between (for example) TERFS — Trans-exclusionary “radical” feminists, and Trans-activists.

Another thorny issue is the (insoluble) conflict between feminism/female equality as such, and various “traditional” cultures which are predicated on female subjugation:as “gender”-role, and — not coincidentally — extreme homophobia.

the “machismo” bullshit among Hispanic/Latino culture.

The “Down-low” thing among Blacks.

Pretty much any variant of islamic culture involving “Hijab”.

So, yeah:  the “Pulse” nightclub massacre confronts Leftists with what is essentially their worst nightmare: A (virulently homophobic) “Person of color” perpetrating a massacre against a nightclub full of (predominately non-White) Gay men.

It kinda shatters their ability to pretend that everything evil in the world can be blamed on “the 1%”, or “White Privilege”.

(Although, I guess it WOULD be theoretically possible for some RadFem pseudo-intellectual to reframe the shooter as an agent either of “the patriarchy” or “cis-normativity”, or some other such SJW buzzword.)

So, yeah: it makes perfect sense why both sides would get distracted, and start blathering about the non-solution known as “gun control”.  Somehow or other, Leftists believe that making it more difficult for those targeted by terrorists to DEFEND THEMSELVES will magically make things better.

They forget things like the “Warsaw Ghettto uprising”:

“Gun control” only “works” if everybody MAGICALLY “obeys”.  If not…you end up with stuff like what happened in Paris, Brussels, etc.



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