So predictable it could be scripted:


  1. Obama/Clinton etc. (and so-called “liberals”/”progressives”) are pants-shitting over gun-control.  I’m not sure if any of them realize that this is doomed to failure:  any attempt at “incremental” gun-confiscation utterly fails, in that it simply generates a “black market” utterly lacking in “background checks” and suchlike.  For example:  pretty much the whole “Gangsta” scene which has been going strong for 30+ years.

Any attempt at direct, full-on confiscation (like Brittain/Australia etc.) will also fail, in that it will INEVITABLY provoke a significant amount of “from my cold dead hands”-type resistance.  That simply makes things infinitely worse:  not only will they have to contend with Wahabbi radicals who want to burn “Western Civilization” to the ground and replace it with a “Global caliphate”, they will ALSO have to deal with every level of “principled” gun-owner, from the sane and reasonable self-defense folks, right on down to the dumbest/craziest NeoConfederate/”Militia” whacknut just itching for an opportunity to draw a “line in the sand”.

2.  Meanwhile, the folks who are against gun-control are (stupidly) flocking to Trump –who may be a racist, misogynistic, pandering, staggeringly inept shit-sack, but — he pays lip-service to the 2nd Amendment, so…..yeah.

Seriously?  The same guy who wants to build a border-wall (paid for by Mexico), and calls for a “total shutdown” of Muslims-as-such in the U.S., and all they can focus on is is lip-service to the 2nd amendment.    That’s…..horrifying.

Speaking of that: how the fuck would a “total shutdown” of Muslims work, exactly?

I’m guessing Goober thinks that detecting Muslims is as simple as just asking them when they  are at the point-of-entry.  (Yeah — like a would-be jihadi wouldn’t just lie his ass off.

Further, assuming a “total shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S.: what about the ones who are already here?  WHO ARE ALREADY AMERICAN CITIZENS BY BIRTH?

What happens to them?

Revoke their citizenship?  Make ’em where a special patch on their clothing (say, a crescent or something)?    Hell — why not just herd ’em all into SPECIAL CAMPS  (similar to what was inflicted on Japanese-Americans during WWII:

As I said, the aftermath of this whole fiasco has been ABSOLUTELY PREDICTABLE so far.

(Almost as if it were…..scripted?)






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