Stupid (right-wing) reasons to hate Obama:

There are certain specific Right-wing “memes” with regard to President Obama that, quite frankly, are conclusive proof that the individual espousing such “beliefs”  is simply too stupid for its sub-animal gruntings to constitute an “opinion” on any subject, whatsoever:

  1. Anyone who uses ANY variant of the “B. Hussein Obama” terminology is appealing to xenophobic bigotry, pure and simple.
  2. ANYONE who claims that “Obama is a Muslim” is doing exactly the same thing.  Quite frankly, I don’t know if Obama is Muslim, or not.   However, even if he was it would be TOTALLY irrelevant.

The same bigoted rat-fuckery was used against JFK (because he was Roman Catholic).

Quite frankly: exactly which part of “no religious tests” don’t you Right-wing douchebags fail to understand?

The thing is: every time some “Conservative” ass-puke uses either of the above as part of his “reasoning”, guess what?  He or she give CONCLUSIVE PROOF THAT AT LEAST SOME “CONSERVATIVES” really are racist/xenophobic scumbags.

Now don’t get me wrong:  there are a PLETHORA of reasons to dislike Obama:

  1. Two administrations of mealy-mouthed appeals to “bipartisanship”/pandering to Congressional Republicans, who repeatedly slapped him down for it.  (Hint: utter spinelessness is repulsive BOTH to your ideological opponents AND to your own “base”).
  2. Excessive focus on specific “groups” (Al Queada, ISIL the “Taliban”, etc.) instead of formally calling out Wahabbism as the poisonous bullshit destroying — not only the Islamic world, but threatening to destroy CIVILIZATION AS SUCH.
  3. Deliberately misunderstanding the Wahabbi psychopaths as mere “thugs”, the “JV team” etc.
  4. Utter failure to “call out” Saudi Arabia (despite the fact that the fucking “House of Saud” have been BFF’s with the fucking Wahabi vermin for over a century, at this point.

SAUDI ARABIA are NOT any kind of “ally”.  Back during the Bush fiasco post-9/11, the most rational, principled, and long-term successful response would have been to occupy “Saudi Arabia”.

5.  The “Afrordable Care Act” (“Obamacare”) — the worst sort of “crony capitalism” imaginable:   First, it forcibly compels U.S. citizens to engage in “commerce” with insurance “companies” — organizations whose mere existence and SOP represent the worst sort of “corporate” pull-peddling and corruption imaginable.

The sole purpose of the “‘Affordable’ Care act” was to prop up the (corporate) medical insurance industry, and — in so doing — PREVENT the U.S. from EVER creation the sort of “National health Service” (REAL “universal health-care” which have been UBIQUITOUS in every genuinely “Developed” nation for decades.

So, yeah: there are a myriad of reasons to have nothing but contempt for that mealy-mouthed, pandering, chicken-hearted EMPTY SUIT which have NOTHING to do with his religious affiliation, ancestry, or whether his name is “Foreign”-sounding.





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