Fuck the “Euphemism treadill”:

I’m just heading this off:

I refuse to participate in “political correctness”.

I don’t give a fuck about “sensitivity”.

Quite frankly, I hope my honestly and candor  is ‘triggering” (in the same way than an electric cattle-prod to the rump “triggers” a cow out of its mindless cud-chewing daze.)

Quite frankly, the Euphemism treadmill is both retarded and gay (in the “pejorative” sense of the above terms:

A euphemism may often devolve into a taboo word itself, through the linguistic process known as pejoration or semantic change described by W.V.O. Quine,[13] and more recently dubbed the “euphemism treadmill” by Harvard professor Steven Pinker.[14] For instance, Toilet is an 18th-century euphemism, replacing the older euphemism House-of-Office, which in turn replaced the even older euphemisms privy-house or bog-house.[15] In the 20th century, where the words lavatory or toilet were deemed inappropriate (e.g. in the United States), they were sometimes replaced with bathroom or water closet, which in turn became restroom, W.C., or washroom.


Oddly enough, some people at least implicitly understand the bullshit waste of time/effort/thought wasted on the “Euphemism” treadmill:

The Euphemism Treadmill – replacing the “R-Word”

Stephen Pinker in his 2003 book “The Blank Slate” coined the name euphemism treadmill for the process whereby words introduced to replace an offensive word, over time become offensive themselves. A current example of this is mental retardation.

The word itself comes from the Latin retardare meaning “to make slow, delay or hinder”.

Retardation was first used in the psychiatric sense in 1895, and eventually replaced older terms – once neutral themselves – like moron, imbecile, idiot, feeble-minded and cretin. Each of these terms had a specific meaning as to severity and age of development (cretinism for example referred to severe congenital hypothyroidism) but these meanings often differed between countries. The new term was subdivided into degrees of mild, moderate and severe mental retardation. These new technical terms were no doubt welcomed by those affected, as the previous names were being used as derogatory insults (as indeed they still are).


So, no:  I’m not interested in even attempting to pander to the “sensitivity” of the sort of  whiny, small-minded shits who play those sorts of linguistic games.

It’s a waste of time better spent on actually thinking about tings/solving problems.

It’s FUTILE (because no matter what sort of Fluffy, cuddly, mollycoddling BULLSHIT euphemism you manage to come up with, it will eventually be (re)classified as “pejorative” by the (overly)”sensitive” — at which point failure to stop using it will result in your being branded as a “bigot” or some such bullshit.

So, yeah: SJW’s can suck it.

This post is intended to head off anyone stupid enough to attempt to “criticize” my use of the term “idiot savant” in the previous post.

Get the hell over it, or don’t bother reading my blog.

Either way, I don’t give two liquidy shits.




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