Crocodile tears

First, a link:

The salient bits from the above-linked article:

As with every mass shooting before it, politicians are responding to Sunday morning’s massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando by extending their “thoughts and prayers” to the families of the 49 victims who lost their lives.

But what does it mean for politicians to offer their thoughts and prayers to a marginalized community they’ve prayed against?


The shooter, Omar Saddiqui Mateen, has been identified as an Islamist extremist. And while politicians may pair his homophobia with his religious beliefs as a Muslim, faith-based homophobia is an all-too-familiar American tradition.


Now, here’s the thing:

I went to Becky Wegner Rommel’s Facebook page, and noticed that she had posted one of those “Pray for Orlando” pics.  I was seriously tempted to post the following comment:

“Who do you want us to ‘pray” for, Becky?  The “ISLAAAAAMIC EXTREMELISSSSST”, the gay nightclub patrons he killed?   Or just the Nice, White, Non-“lukewarm” Christians such as yourself?”

If Becky Wegner Rommel was an intelligent/principled person, she would recognize the fact that the Pulse nightclub shooting is merely a spat between two “communities” she hates with the burning passion of ten-thousand suns:

Remember THIS video?:

In the video above, we can see poor li’l Becky’s descent into a pit of existential despair because:

  1. “Our Government!!!!” fails to treat homosexuals as second-class citizens
  2. She sees so many “Christians” celebrating the above fact on Facebook etc.
  3. Their failure to demand the enforcement of Leviticus 20:13 necessarily brands them as “lukewarm”
  4. President Obama doesn’t call out “ISLAAAAMIC EXTREMELISSSTTSSSS!”

Now, seriously:  How the fuck is anyone supposed to take Becky’s glib, “pray for Orlando” sentimentality as ANYTHING other than the online equivalent of “crocodile tears”, given what we KNOW about her views — both of Gays and Muslims?

Quite frrankly, if this sniffy little bitch is sick of “Lukewarm” (IE: insufficiently homophobic) Christians, there’s a glaringly obvious solution to her “problem”:

(Although, by Becky’s “logic”, even the Westboro psychopaths are pretty “lukewarm” — because they’re not out stoning homosexuals to death.

So, no:  trite, greeeting-card sentimentality posted on Facebook by fucking hypocrites just makes them THAT much more hypocritical.

For all I know, she might be asking that we “pray for” MORE of this kind of thing to happen to gays, so that “their blood” can be “upon them”.




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