If this works out correctly, I’m back to where I *should have been* in 2008:

One of my primary projects for at least the last 20 years (since 1996, that I know of) has been the attempt to digitize the morass of “analog” audio media (tapes, LP’s,) and “rip” the CD collection — both for “backup” purposes and to have the sort of quick access to the collection that you get with a “media player” program (like SMpayer or VLC), and two mouse-clicks.

Anyway:  my “bottleneck” has always been drive space:

Here’s the issue:

File size – WAV files are large. A stereo, CD quality recording (44.1khz, 16-bit), works out at 10.09 MB per minute. Moving up to 48kHz 24-bit stereo (which will improve both the frequency range and the available dynamic range) will increase file size to 16.48 MB per minute.


So: unless I’m willing to immediately dump the audio recordings to (say) 320 Mp3/FLAC, they tend to sit around uncompressed for some while, taking up HD space.

At one point (2008) I was almost where I wanted to be, when I added a 500 GB drive to that rickety shit-box of a Dell Optiplex GX-270.  Unfortunately, the drive itself was perilously close to failure when I acquired it (which the dickhead I got it from hadn’t told me — but that’s another topic entirely.)

Result: 2009 the drive fails, and I lose approximately 3 years of “content”. 😦

Thankfully, I just got a 500 GB drive off of a guy — swears that the drive is known to be good (!!!)

If all works out according to plan, I will be in a position to resume transterring the albums/tapes etc. — a project which has been “on hold” since before we relocated here to Florida.

Just sayin’. 🙂



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