What happens when the “cult of personality” surrounding a shitty, schlock novelist attempts to “change the world?”:

I do not think that the Ayn Rand Institute can be saved. Peikoff’s control of Ayn Rand’s name and copyrights gives him such pervasive influence—by way of the Ayn Rand Archives, among other programs—that the Institute’s leadership cannot refuse his demands or officially repudiate his actions. Yet they cannot endorse his e-mail, either. And to stay silent—the position they have adopted by default—is an abdication of their responsibility. In my view, the Institute would nevertheless have been better off breaking its relationship with Peikoff—and even changing its name, if necessary—rather than accepting the rule of intellectual conformity. But on the other hand, as I have documented, these demands for conformity have been building for more than a decade, and those who remain in positions of leadership are those who have already made some kind of accommodation with this system.


TL;DR: ARI = a glorified marketing-stunt designed to sell more of Rand’s novels/pseudo-intellectual schlock, and — in so doing — funnel more (unearled) “Royalties” into Peikoff’s pockets.

This is why I ALWAYS take advantage of the “first-sale doctrine” in regard to Rand/Peikoff’s books: Leonard Peikoff has spent decades “milking” Ayn Rand’s shitty schlock, and wallowing in Nathaniel Branden’s “sloppy seconds”.  He has never earned (let alone deserved) ANY of it.



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