“ADHD” = junk (mis)diagnosis

I am an ADHD skeptic.

Several reasons:

  1. It’s basically a “throwaway” diagnosis which serves to give those in “authority” an excuse to ignore the REAL issues, and/or cover them over by means of FORCED DRUGGING

For example: my case was actually pretty typical:

  1. I was bullied quite a lot during my childhood/teens.
  2. For various reasons (some of which explicitly relate to ROP — “retinopathy of prematurity”, and some of which are most likely neurological — I find overhead flourescent lighting to be extremely unpleasant under certain conditions.  For example, failing flourescent lights — that damnable flickering, when they start to fail.
  3. Intermittent Tinnitus (probably also related to — slight — high-frequency hearing loss, most likley stemming from chronic respiratory problems during childhood.
  4. I already exhibited “college”-level reading comrehension by the beginning of first grade.
  5. My “family” situation was — well, the best thing I can say about it is: neglect is better than (physical) abuse.

So, yeah: all of the above made it difficult for me to become the docile little puppet those in “authority” wanted me to be.

Their “solution”: forced drugging (ritalin).

Result?  THEY didn’t have to bother with addressing any of the above issues.

So, no:  I don’t buy the notion of “ADHD”.  The quesiton is: why is your child/teen failing to be the compliant little puppet you want him/her to be?

Is the classwork insufficiently challenging?

Is there bullying?

Same goes for “dyslexia”.  The quesiton is NOT whether a specific person is having difficulty reading: the only legitimate question is WHY?

Undiagnosed visual problems?  A failure to understand the underlying syllabic structure of multisyllable words  (IE: PHONICS)?

The underlying premise which makes written language make sense is: written language is a method whereby specific aural SOUNDS are “mapped” to specific visual symbols — either singly or in combination with one another.

For example: in most accents, “F” and “PH” both “map” to the same sound.

Once you grasp the above principle, reading is trivial — even for polysyllabic words.

But, yeah: “ADHD” = “a flimsy excuse for drugging children into submission.”



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