“Experts say” any: any “news” story discussing what “experts say” should automatically be dissmissed without further examination:

Quite frankly, whenever I hear so-called “news”-anchors yip-yapping about how “experts say” something-or-other, or how a “study shows” something-or-other — I know enough to disregard the preceding statement as utterly unsubstantiated.

Several reasons:

  1. The “news”-outlets never provide backstory with regard to the methodology used in the specific “studies”, themselves.  (Sample size, duration, whether or not the results of that particular “study” conflict with the results supposedly observed by other suich “studies”, etc.
  2. Same objection goes with regard to the assertion of “expertise”.  I have absolutely way to confirm whether the (unnamed) sources/propagandists are “experts”, or not.

Almost nobody bothers to remember the “more doctors smoke Camels” bullshit:


Quite frankly, I’ve come to the (reasonable) conclusion that at least 90% of these putative “studies” released by “experts” are most likely thinly-disguised press releases, and/or a subspecies of Neo-Pavlovian conditioning.

For example, if our (Transnational) Corporate Overlords need to boost consumption of a specific food (say, eggs, or Flounder, or whatever), this can be readily accomplished by ensuring that “experts” release a “study” asserting some (deliberately nebulous and undefined) benefit correlates with consumption of said foodstuff.

Given that a mere 15% of the population is considered “proficient readers” (Ie: 85% of the population is either fully-, or semi-illiterate) and too credulous to actually bother to check up on the myriad of “studies” cranked out by so-called “experts”, it is pretty much guaranteed that at least a small subset of the target-demographic will uncritically begin consuming (or refraining from consuming) that specific item.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid. 🙂


Michael Tsarion is infinitely worse than I had already figured out:


The “Taroscopic mystery school?”   Really?   Really?

Now, I totally get, that he couldn’t call his shitty, New Age con-game “Tatot-scopic”, because most of his potential customers are too stupid to be able to know that the word “Tarot” originates from French, and would probably end up mispronouncing it as “Tarit-scoppic”, or some shit.

The thing is — there’s acttually a vegetable known as “Taro’, which — chillingly — just happens to have big-ass leaves.

I’m genuinely surprised that Mr. Potatohead hasn’t decided to incorporate some kind of really convoluted “symbolic” connection between “Tarot Cards” and “Taro leaves”.  (Like maybe the notion that the space-jerks used Taro leaves to wipe their asses after they shit.  At some point, their slave-apes happened to figure out that it was possible to “predict” what sort of mood their Alien Overlord would be in at any particular day, by “interpreting” the patterns left on the leaves after the Alien Overlord wiped his/her ass.

Tsarion’s “evidence” for this notion would probably consist of the system of mexagrams used in “I Ching” divination (“which most likely tells us that the Alien Overlord’s anal sphincters have six ‘slits” or “flaps”, or some such thing.)

See?   It is amazingly simple to do what Tsarion (and other such “researchers”) do:   all you have to do is “connect the dots” — making sure that every step is either  TRUE, or at least superficially plausible.

  1. Tarot cards are (sometimes) used for divination.
  2. So is the I Ching
  3. The I Ching originated in China
  4. They have a plant called “Taro” over in Asia somewhere or other
  5. Humans typically wipe their asses after they shit
  6. sometimes they use leaves to do so.
  7. There’s a lot of “dragon”/’Serpent”-type imagery in China.
  8. Therefore, we “discover” that the Alien Overlords’ anal sphincters are “slotted”.

See how that worked?

All of the individual steps (except for #8) are true and verifiable.  At no point, have I lied, or made any of them up.

The problem comes in, when you start to “connect the dots”.  The whole thing superficially resembles a “logical” progression.  Since 99% of conspiracy “researchers” are actually more crdulous, gullible and lacking in critical thinking skills than the “sheeple” surrounding them, most of them will reflexively deep-throat anybody who allows them to “see behind the veil”, or whatever you want to call itr.





Michael Tsarion is an imbecile:

Actually, that’s not quite true:

You have to be (somewhat) clever to be able to cobble together every pre-existing conspiracy theory,  a bunch of out-of-context symbols and motifs from various world mythologies, and the shittiest science-fiction plot imaginable — and then be able to market thre resultant bullshit to gullible, semi-literate paranoids.

Yeah — as you can tell, I have a fair bit of contempt for the guy  (although — to be fair — at least he manages to be marginally better than David Icke. 🙂

Tsarion’s “theory” is basically  as follows:

Approximately 50,000 years ago, some sort or humanoids ended up planting a “dummy base” on a planet which (supposedly) existed where the asteroid belt is, now.  According to Tsarion (or more likely — whoever he plagiarized), those pursuing the extraterrestrial humanoids decided to blow that planet to rubble, which resulted in severel climatological catastrophe here on Earth.

Unbenownst to them, their enemies were on Earth, safe and protected in underground bunker-complexes which they had already modified from preexisting caverns.

Now, here’s where the “theory” gets really stupid:

Their pursuers had already (supposedly) anihilated one planet already, and shown absolutely no qualms about doing so.  Don’t you think that it would make sense for them to be entirely willing to do the same thing to Earth, if they knew their enemies were planet-side?

Alas, no.  According to Tsarion, the same extraterrestrials who had already anihilated one planet because they mistook a “dummy base” for an actual installation merely decided to erect an “Etheric stargate barrier-field” around Earth — specifically tuned to the DNA signature of their enemies.

Now, this is already pretty stupid, I grant you.   Then again, you can do just about anything if you’re willing to spend time cherry-picking (superficially) similar imagery and motifs from other sources your readers will probably never read.

So anyway:  what is the first thing the marooned extraterrestrial humanoids do?  Do they attempt to “hack” the etherial Stargate-quarantine field, go back out, and whup some ass?


Instead, they decude to Bio-engineer a slave-species, by “upgrading” the indiginous proto-humans with their own DNA.

(See, that kind of thing is why I find “conspiracy theorists” to be fucking stupid in most cases:  Quite frankly, any species possessing the level of technology required for space-travel, planetary colonization, bioengenering other species, etc. — WOULD HAVE NO LOGICAL REASON WHATSOEVER for engineering a slave-species WITH THE CAPACITY TO REBEL.

Real-world example: before the invention of steam power/automobiles, etc., it wasn’t uncommon for high-ranking officials in China and suchlike places to be carried around on a “sedan chair”, by slaves.

This would be utterly innefficient and pointless, nowadays — even as a shitty power-trip.


Anyway: for whatever reason, the alien humanoids decide to make their would-be slaves both equal to them in intelligence *AND* teach them everything they know in terms of scientific/technological knowledge — including bioengineering.  Since DNA strands (superficially) resemble two “serpents” coiled around one another, our mythology remembers both groups as the “serpent men”.

(Yeah — it’s dumb.)

Anyway, the slave-race (predictably) revolts, and there is a protracted “war” between the two species.  Oddly enough, during this same period, the space-jerks decide to roll out a more obedient version of the slave-species.   Except this time, they ensure that their slaves won’t rebel, by designing them to be dumber, shorter-lived, more violent, and prone to UNTHINKING OBEDIENCE TO “Authority”.

So, yeah.  the solution to a revolt by excessively “uppity”  and intelligent slaves is to deliberately ensure that your next batch are STUPID, SADISTIC, BLOODTHIRSTY, AND DESIGNED TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY SHORT LIFE-SPANS AS COMPARED TO YOU.

Really?   Humanity is, at most, 20 years away from completely self-regulating automated factories, and yet the space-jerks resort to something convoluted like THAT.

Anyway:  the other thing the space-jerks hadn’t counted on was that Slave-species 1.0 would actually regard the stupid/psychotic/vicious pygmy mutants as “brothers”, and set about trying to “liberate” them  (both by “teaching” them super-advanced technology and scientific knowledge by way of ridiculously convoluted symbolism and mythology which they stupid savages were BASICALLY GUARANTEED TO MISUNDERSTAND, and/or by fucking their females on occasion.  The resulting “god-men” offspring were (predictably) basically a watered-down version of slave race 1.0 — yet ANOTHER level of hybridization  (Space-jerks, Slave species 1.0, and slave species 2.0. — worse than the “better” slave-species, but better than the worse slave-species (if that makes any sense).

Now, here’s where it gets even stupider:

Instead of applying thier super-advanced genetic technology to re-engineering their own genome in such a way as to allow them to GTFO “Planet of the slave apes” (Earth) — they decide to ENGAGE IN MILLENNIA OF CEASELESS WARFARE WITH THEIR FORMER SLAVES — turning the planet into a thermonuclear shit-hole, and (strangely enough) also provoking a pole-shift — WHICH ENDS UP LAYING WASTE TO ALL 3 SPECIES.

So — instead of actually thinking this shit through, the Space-Jerks decide to engineer yet another variant of humanoid (as well as unicorns, and probably the “Push-me pull you” monstrosity from Dr. Doolittle.   This time, they splice in “Reptillian DNA” into their monstrosities.

Then, they send the resultant hell-spawn out among humankind, where — camoflaged behind some sort of cloaking-technology, they are instructed to kill and replace those in positions of political/military/religous “authority”.

(Now, keep in mind: supposedly, up until this point, BOTH the space-jerks and slave-species 1.0 have been directly interacting with slave species 2.0, and being misunderstood to be “gods”.   Basically, all of religion and mythology is a big-ass version of those “cargo cults” in the South Pacific, who go around bulding mockups of military bases and airplanes and shit, waiting for their ancestors’ ghosts to delivery shipments of “cargo” on WWII-era aircraft carriers, and shit.

Now, another goofy part of this “theory” is: every bit of this informaiton has been hidden (“in plain sight!”), everywhere from the world’s religious scriptures, to pretty much every “occult” tradition, right on down to (seemingly) random corporate logos.

Now, here’s the gooffier thing:  The ethniric Stargate quarantine-grid thingy is still surrpouding Earth.  This is why they moon landing, etc. had to be hoaxed on a soundstage in Hollywood.

(Stupidity alert: This presumes that all “modern” humans have an identical ratio of DNA sequences derived from the 3 ancestral species — the two slave-variants, and the Space-jerks.  Otherwise, how the hell could the quarantine grid detect the “signature” of space-jerk DNA?

As I said: Tsarion is (as with pretty much every other such ‘researcher”) a clever plagiarist, regurgitating cobbled-together schlock shit out by other such clever plagiarists.

The whole scenario is so mind-numbingly stupid and badly plotted as to be completely and utterly unworthy of further examination.   As a result, Tsarion is considered by some to be a “hero”, for “connecting the dots”, etc. — and any attempt to actually think about his idiotic bullshit rationally tends to get dismissed as “just exactly what THEY want you to believe!”


I just ran a “readability” check on a sample of my writing from this blog:

Result?  Averaging from several different readability formulas, the site estimates that I write at a “college” level.


Quite frankly, as far as I’m concerned, that indicates that I am at least semi-literate.  Given the fact that a mere 15% of the U.S. population qualify as “proficient readers” — I am pleased to (at least in principle) be part of that 15%.

There’s something horrifying about the fact that 85% of the U.S. population is either totally illiterate, or only semi-literate.  In combination with the (nearly) ubiquitous absense of “critical thinking skills”, the relentless mollycoddling of the gullible, etc. — let’s just say: the Trump candicacy makes perfect sense.

(Not that Hillary is any great shakes:  a corrupt, “Third way” corporate shill is “better” than a proto-fascist blowhard like Trump, in the same way that being gang-raped and left for dead is “better” than being torn limb from limb by of wolves.)

Quite frankly, I am in a bad mood.



I’m (still) not a “nice” person:

I’ve never really had the (dubious) luxury of being able to fit neatly into a prescribed “identity” or “role”:

For one thing, at least the last several generations of my relatives were “White trash”:

My “Father” is a virulently-racist, burnt-out drunk.  From what I can piece together, he was functionally illiterate even before the (serious) memory-loss which appears to have eroded hiis cognitive functions since his most recent heart surgery.

The only things I definitively know about his past:

  1. He was married at least once prior to hooking up with my “mom”.  Thus, I have several half-siblings, at least some of whom live in Virginia.   (I’ve never been able to muster up any sort of interest in giving enough of a shit about any of them, beyond the one half-sister (Lisa), who claims to have actually lived with my parents and I at one point.  (I have no memory of this, whatsoever.)
  2. The primary (or sole) reason that he blundered into fatherhood is because he “doesn’t like condoms”.
  3. He claims to have been stationed somewhere in Alabama, during Army service at some point.  I have never been able to corroborate this, nor does doing so interest me very much.  (My Aunt — the one of his sisters with whom he occasionally communicates — has expressed doubt to me as to whether anything my Dad says about his own past is true.  She has stated (for example) that he lied to her about having worked at an oil-field in Saudi Arabia during hte same time period during which he now claims to have been stationed in Alabama.)

I can’t figure out how to ask him (even if I wanted to): for whatever reason, subsequent to his most recent heart surgery (?) he seems to barely be able to remember to hold any kind of coherent conversation for any length of time, without either repeating himself several times, or directly contradicting something he said a few moments prior.

4. He was never “around” in any usable fashion back during my childhood/teens.  He was either off fucking other women (mostly slut-pigs from truckstops/bars), or blackout-drunk on the living room couch.  In either case, he was utterly useless in terms of being a “role-model” (except possibly as an object-lesson in how to fail spectacularly in literally every possible way.

From approximately 1989-2009 (I think) I had no contact with him whatsoever.  The proximate cause of this was when he didn’t show up to hang out with me on my 16th birthday.  Oddly enough, both my “mother” and my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother went to “Chi-Chi’s” (my favorite tex-mex restaurant at the time) without me — even though my “mother” had previously stated that doing so would constitute my “birthday present”.

Quite frankly, my 16th birthday was yet another situation where I was systematically fucked over by all of them.

Speaking of the other two:

My “mother” is — if anything — infinitely worse, in my estimation:

  1. She chaim-smoked while pregnant (causing me to be born prematurely as a result).
  2. She then relentlessly milked her status as the mother of a “miracle-baby”, by means of varioius, extremely embarrassing “fluff”-pieces in the local media.
  3. Meanwhile, she was alternatively “ignoring”/covering up for the antics of my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother, as he “progressed” from chonically-truant school bully, to High-school dropout/heroin addict obsessed with “White power” ideology, to morbidly obese, CHAINSMOKING heroin-addict (which was his current status as of 2013, when I severed contact with both of them).

Basically, I am only capable of 3 emotional states where my “relatives” are concerned:

  1. Seething, barely-restrained rage
  2. Icy contempt
  3. Utter lack of interest

I would honestly find it amusing if one of them were to fall asleep smoking, and “accidentally” burn to death as a result.

I know that neither of my “parents” were capable of the sort of forethought/active participation in their own lives which would have allowed them to amass anything of value for me to “inherit”.  “Mom” managed to squander any potential value her shitbox of a house might have had by allowing her most recent husband Frank to re-mortgate the place so he could run up tremendous amounts of credit-card debt, on frivolous purchases.

Most likely, in the event of “Mom’s” death (assuming the Junkie Psychopath hasn’t OD’d by then), the Junkie Psychopath will reign destruction upon that house — along with its drug-addled “friends” — to the point where it lacks any sale-value, whatsoever.

That’s assuming that the (mortgage-encumbered) house doesn’t get grabbed due to my “mother” becoming unable to pay the (most likely extortionate) amount the banksters are probbaly gouging her, for the privilege of continuing to live there.

As to my “father”: he and his current wife live in a dumpy little trailer in an “over 55” trailer-park.  I have my doubts that they have anything in the way of savings, etc.  Moreover, given the fact that anything “dad” DOES possess will most likely end up being divided among the half-siblings from Virginia, and his current wife — yet again, I stand approximately a 99% chance of getting screwed over by the guy, yet again.

So, no:  I can’t even brgin myself to pretend to respect either of them in hopes of inheriting their garbage.

(Most likely, the only thing I’ll “inherit” from either of them is whatever shit-tastic disorders are endemic to their “family history”.)

Thanks again, fuck-asses.




Micro$oft’s “default” marketing strategy:

noun: default; plural noun: defaults
  1. 1.
    failure to fulfill an obligation, especially to repay a loan or appear in a court of law.
    “it will have to restructure its debts to avoid default”
    synonyms: nonpayment, failure to pay, bad debt

    “the incidence of defaults on loans”
  2. 2.
    a preselected option adopted by a computer program or other mechanism when no alternative is specified by the user or programmer.
    “the default is fifty lines”
    • something that is usual or standard.
      “all my life, envy has been my default emotion”
verb: default; 3rd person present: defaults; past tense: defaulted; past participle: defaulted; gerund or present participle: defaulting
  1. 1.
    fail to fulfill an obligation, especially to repay a loan or to appear in a court of law.
    “some had defaulted on student loans”
    synonyms: fail to pay, not pay, renege, back out; More

    go back on one’s word;
    informalwelsh, bilk
    “the customer defaulted”
    • declare (a party) in default and give judgment against that party.
      “the possibility that cases would be defaulted and defendants released”
  2. 2.
    (of a computer program or other mechanism) revert automatically to (a preselected option).
    “when you start a fresh letter, the system will default to its own style”
    synonyms: revert, select automatically

    “the program will default to its own style”
Middle English: from Old French defaut, from defaillir ‘to fail,’ based on Latin fallere ‘disappoint, deceive.’


Quite frankly, Micro$oft’s market positioin has always depended on FUD: Fear, uncertainty and Doubt:

Specifically, the “fear, uncertainty and doubt” of their own user-base.

Consider their central “marketing” -strategy with the various version of their Window$ operating system:

Typically, proprietary (closed-source) software vendors expect their users (victims?) to have to explicitly download/buy/install their “product”.   In other words, much proprietary software is “opt-in” — there is at least some effort (no matter how token or minimal) on the user’s part — even something as minor as clicking a check-box labelled “I agree”.

Micro$oft window$ has always been a different case:  it was typically perpetrated on its users without their explicit concent, by “default” — since it was preinstalled on the systems sold by OEMs (“Original Equipment Manufacturers”).

This ended up foisting a particularly vicious sort of “vendor lock-in”, on exactly the most volnerable users: those who aren’t (currently) tech-savvy enough to  be able to install any of the alternatives themselves.

Quite frankly, the relative market position of Micro$oft would have been radically different if OEMs had (for example) offered identical machines which different only in one respect: the Micro$oft Window$ machines were significantly more expensive, due to Micro$oft’s “Windows Tax”:


Quite honestly, that single instance of failure to collude would probably have driven Micro$oft into irrelevancy in short order.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

The primary reason Unix/Linux-type Operating systems aren’t ubiquitous on the “desktop” is: they actually require effort to install.   the tragig (and horrifying) fact is: many users are simply incapable of even backing up their own files (pix/vids/audio etc.), let alone micrating those files to another machine.

As a result, they end up “defaulting” to whatever Micro$oft decides to perpetrate on them.

Fortunately, the situation is (slowly) changing:

Several factors:

  1. “Mobile” devices (tablets/smart-phones): whatever you might think of Android, the fact is: it is not a Micro$oft product.  Moreover,  the fact that it isn’t proprietary, closed-source garbage (coupled with the — relatively — “kinder and gentler” licencing under which it is released) ensures that OEM vendors tend to jump at the chance to “bundle” it with their hardware, instead of paying Micro$oft’s “bitch”-tax.
  2. Google “Chromebooks”: Laptops pre-loaded with Google’s specialized Linux distro?  Kewl!
  3. The Telikin line of all-in-one computers:  they’re explicitly marketed toward “seniors” (presumably on the premise that “seniors” are less tech-savvy, or suchlike).  The clever thing is: their specific OS (a very minimalist, intuitive layout which actually resembles an ATM machine more than anything else) is running on top of the Linux Kernel — and presumably stuff like the Bash shell, underneath.

Realistically: the fact that Micro$oft has been frantically force-upgrading their current user-base to Windows 10 and trying to “play nice’ with OEMs is more about their OWN “fear, uncertainty and doubt”, than anything else:

Micro$oft has always been the IT equivalent of a school bully — roughing up the “nerds” for their lunch-money.  And, just like any other school bully, all it took was for somebody to refuse to back down:

The ones who wouldn’t back down?   The myriad of folks behind the BSD/GNU/Linux projects.

Unix/Linux was always overwhelmingly dominant EVERYWHERE ELSE but “the Desktop”, because those actually involved with IT/networking etc. actually knew what they were doing.

Micro$oft could never have expected genuinely tech-savvy folks to unthinkingly stick with whatever “default”happened to be foisted on them, without at LEAST considering the alternatives.








“The Boy Electrician” = a hell of a book

I’ve always been attracted toward “retro” informaiton sources.

One of the weirdest things I’ve ever discovered is: oftentimes, older texts do a better job explaining the technologies.   For one thing, they tend not to implicitly treat the real world as a pale shadow of the mathematical models.   There’s someting just conceptually ‘off” about starting from (garbled) descriptions of Bohr’s atomic model and only getting to observable (and thus verifiable) real-world phenomena such as magnetism, conductors/insulators etc. “downstream”

Quite frankly, a much better approach is one which recapitulates — at least conceptually — the sort of observations which culminated in what we can do with electricity/electronics/computers, etc.

That’s where “the boy electrician” comes in.

Quite frankly, as I said: it’s a hell of a book:

Not only does it recapitulate (in abbreviated form) the broad outlines of how human knowledge advanced in regard to magnetism/electricity/electronics, it also contains a myriad of designs which (in principle) would allow someone with the right tools/supplies to do the experiments, and/or build the devices.

The order of presentation is as follows:

  1. Magnetism and magnets
  2. Static electricity
  3. Static electricity machines
  4. Voltaic cells and batteries
  5. Electromagnetism and magnetic induction
  6. Electrical units
  7. Wires and accessories
  8. Electrical measuring instruments
  9. Bells, burglar alarms and annunciators
  10. Telegraphy
  11. Microphones and telephones
  12. Induction coils
  13. Transformers
  14. Wireless telegraphy
  15. Racio recieving sets
  16. An experimental “wireless” telephone
  17. Electric motors
  18. Dynamos
  19. An electric railway
  20. Miniature lighting
  21. Miscelaneous electrical apparatus

I mean, seriously: there’s even a section on winding your own resistors.