A sorely-needed reality check:

Quite frankly, July 4th is tragically overrrated.

Here is a (short) list of dates which are infinitely more significant in the history of the U.S., in that, on each one, the “land of the free” inched just that much closer to actually “living out its creed“, so to speak:


Any of the various dates when the U.S. Supreme court actually required the Bill of Rights to apply to the “Several States”

Quite frankly, the fact that it wasn’t until 1925 that the “Bill of Rights” had any substantive meaning whatsoever, should at the very least, give any “patriotic” American pause, and more likely, should cause any decent human being to have significant difficulty stopping his or herself from vomiting.  “States’ Rights” is an inherently vicious doctrine, in that it inevitably results in a patchwork of tyranny.

July 2nd 1964 — when the “Feds” finally got around to bitch-slapping the “Jim crow” South.

Quite frankly, if U.S. History was actually taught in any sort of honest/historically accurate fashion, our calendar would be STUDDED with a myriad of separate holidays, each commemorating the date when the Supreme Court FINALLY enforced the “Supremacy clause” against the “Several States” with regard to each specific amendment of the Bill of Rights.

This would also have the added benefit of forcing us all to acknowledge that — for the vast majority of our history — our most cherished ideals have been nothing but glittering generalities/thought-terminating cliches.

I have never had anything but contempt for “States’ Rights” scumbags.  The “Several States” have historically been at the forefront of the most vigorous abuses — nay, atrocities — in U.S. history:

The “Peculiar institution” (race-based chattel slavery

The forcible sterilization of “undesirables”

“Jim Crow” (the “racial” caste-system endemic to the Southern U.S.)

Quite frankly, anyone who prattles about so-called “States’ rights” is most likely a power-luster would would like nothing more than for the several states to NOT be restrained by the Bill of Rights.

Let’s not forget:

George Wallace (arch-advocate of “States’ Rights”) said it best:

Quite frankly: if the fact that I actually expect more from the U.S. than “glittering generalities” makes me somehow “unpatriotic”, then that’s FINE BY ME.


It is exceedingly unlikely that anybody will actually notice this post today:  most liikely, they’re off getting drunk and blowing shit up.






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