I respect what “Amanda” is trying to do in the above video clip.
There’s something genuinely refreshing about the fact that she is willing to admit to fucking up her child’s life.

I’ll say it again: My stupid BITCH of a “mother” chose to continue chainsmoking while pregnant.  I was born prematurely as a result.  It is overwhelmingly unlikely that I would have been born prematurely, otherwise.

The stupid bitch then spent years “milking” her status as the mother of a disabled child (while simultaneously alowing her other son to degenerate into a morbidly obese heroin-addict.)
It would have been REALLY NICE if she had at least admitted to SOME culpability in how things turned out.

I’m going to be honest: if the stupid bitch had spent the pregnancy blackout-drunk, and I had been forn with “fetal alcohol syndrome” as a result, she probably wouldn’t have gotten away with the level of denial and buck-passing she did.

Same goes for if she had been on crack/meth, etc.

At any rate: I have to live with the aftermath of HER “choices” — including her “choice” to lie to the police during a wellness visit after her SPECIAL LITTLE JUNKIE PSYCHOPATH attempted physical violence against me IN HER DRIVEWAY.

Needless to say: she hasn’t gotten a “mother’s day” card in a few years — primarily because I can’t find a pre-made one that says “Fuck you, bitch.”

I have no “respect” for the stupid bitch, and — to be honest — genuinely hope that her special little junkie snowflake doesn’t take her to her dialysis treatments, because he’s “nodded out” on heroin.  That would be richly deserved.


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