Actually, there’s a better solution than simply “doxing” hypocrites:


For example: in the case of a “pro-life” activist who procures an abortion (and then pants-shits about whether her pro-life cronies finding out), the abortionist should have politely requested that the woman in quesiton donate to (say) NARAL, or planned parenthood, while pointing out that she couldn’t be held responsible if someone happened to have seen the “pro-life” hypocrite out in the waiting-room.

Public “activism” has consequences.  Here’s a question:

If you think the abortion example is “too extreme”:  how would you deal with (for example) an anti-pedophilia “activist”, if you were to discover that he or she was trafficking in “kiddie porn?”

In a situation such as that, you have exactly TWO choices:

  1. Refraing fron “snitching” — and by doing so, become an active participant –  HELPING the “hypocrite” in question cover up his antics.  (This option is what most people mistakenly see as “not getting involved.”)
  2. “Out” the hypocrite – prompting him to come clean about the kiddie porn, and/or destroying his ability to use the “anti-pedophilia activism” as a FRONT for his antics.

Same goes for EVERY “televangelist” caught with hookers and blow, or EVERY “ex-gay” re-outed as “still” being gay, etc.

Remember: these people aren’t merely following a PERSONAL moral code of their own choosing — they’re trying to ENFORCE said code on others, as a matter of sociopolitical policy.

So, no:  there is literally NO WAY to not be “involved” in situations like that:

If you fail to “out” the hypocrite, you are actively participating in  — and enabling – their hypocrisy.

Now, in the abortionist’s case mentioned in the other post, you run into the “doctor-patient confidentiality”, thing — but again, in certain specific circumstances, respecting that “confidentiality” is vicious, no matter which way you cut it.

(Same goes for someone who — for example — confessed to raping/murdering a small child to a Roman Cathlic priest.  If the priest fails to report that individual’s antics, he becomes at least partially responsible for every subsequent rape/murder committed by that person, afterward.



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