The stupidest pseudo-subject ever “taught” in school: “cursive” handwriting

Cursive has to be the most overtly pointless subject imaginable:

  1. It was originally devised to compensate for the fragility of WRITING WITH A QUILL.  NOBODY (except maybe historical reenactors) writes with a quill.  Quite frankly, cursive SHOULD have gone extinct when “inkwells” stopped being included on desks.

There was literally no excuse for so-called “penmanship” after the development of the ball-point pen.

2. Remember how Gutenberg’s printing-press exterminated the profession of “scribe?”  “nuff said.

3. Cursive is unreadable as fuck — at best.  There is literally *no* excuse for it — not even signatures.  Graphology is a shitty pseudoscience.  Moreover, People’s handwriting frequently changes over time.  For example — if one of the prescriptivist dinosaur’s yip-yapping about cursive were to have a massive stroke, and need to re-learn handwriting.

The most galling thing about it is: why in the hell would you waste limited class-time on a “skill” which is (at best) reduncant (in that they already know how to “print” — and no printed material actually uses cursive fonts for anything other than (misplaced) aesthetic affectation.

Realistically: Cursive wasn’t rendered pointless by the “digital age” — it has been utterly valueless and inane since writing with a quill fell out of favor.

So, yeah: if you see someone yip-yapping about the “virtues” of cursive handwriting while using a ball-point pen — punch ’em in the throat. 🙂



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