Pokemon GO = WTF, srsly? :(

I honestly thought “Geocaching” was the most blatantly inane thing I ever heard of:

  1.  Wander around
  2. Find box
  3. Open box
  4. Sign log
  5. lather, rince, repeat

A “Friend” of mine subjected me to Geocaching some years ago — wandering around in the woods, using a GPS-based app with a built-in error of 3 feet or so.  The whole experience was….well, let’s just say that I have no desire to get involved with geocaching, whatsoever.

I am perfectly capable of wandering around randomly, without having to sign a goddamned log, afterward.

That being said, Pokemon Go makes Geocaching look downright impressive by comparison.

I’ve never been a fan of the Pokemon ranchise.  Nor have I ever been a fan of wandering around randomly.  (I take walks, yeah — but that acivity is at least quasi-purposeful, in that I’m either headed to a specific destination, walking for excercise, or just enjoying being outdoors.).

I don’t understand the purpose of searching for virtual creatures.

Do I win money if my Pokemon win tournaments?

I don’t get this.  I do find it amusing when players end up getting stabbed/falling off of cliffs etc., because they are simply too damnably oblivious to the environment through which they happen to be randomly stumbling.

I can’t figure out whether my antipathy toward Pokemon GO is simply because I have no sense of fun whatsoever — or whether it just demonstrates the factt that I’m NOT A TOTAL MORON!



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