Michael Tsarion is infinitely worse than I had already figured out:


The “Taroscopic mystery school?”   Really?   Really?

Now, I totally get, that he couldn’t call his shitty, New Age con-game “Tatot-scopic”, because most of his potential customers are too stupid to be able to know that the word “Tarot” originates from French, and would probably end up mispronouncing it as “Tarit-scoppic”, or some shit.

The thing is — there’s acttually a vegetable known as “Taro’, which — chillingly — just happens to have big-ass leaves.

I’m genuinely surprised that Mr. Potatohead hasn’t decided to incorporate some kind of really convoluted “symbolic” connection between “Tarot Cards” and “Taro leaves”.  (Like maybe the notion that the space-jerks used Taro leaves to wipe their asses after they shit.  At some point, their slave-apes happened to figure out that it was possible to “predict” what sort of mood their Alien Overlord would be in at any particular day, by “interpreting” the patterns left on the leaves after the Alien Overlord wiped his/her ass.

Tsarion’s “evidence” for this notion would probably consist of the system of mexagrams used in “I Ching” divination (“which most likely tells us that the Alien Overlord’s anal sphincters have six ‘slits” or “flaps”, or some such thing.)

See?   It is amazingly simple to do what Tsarion (and other such “researchers”) do:   all you have to do is “connect the dots” — making sure that every step is either  TRUE, or at least superficially plausible.

  1. Tarot cards are (sometimes) used for divination.
  2. So is the I Ching
  3. The I Ching originated in China
  4. They have a plant called “Taro” over in Asia somewhere or other
  5. Humans typically wipe their asses after they shit
  6. sometimes they use leaves to do so.
  7. There’s a lot of “dragon”/’Serpent”-type imagery in China.
  8. Therefore, we “discover” that the Alien Overlords’ anal sphincters are “slotted”.

See how that worked?

All of the individual steps (except for #8) are true and verifiable.  At no point, have I lied, or made any of them up.

The problem comes in, when you start to “connect the dots”.  The whole thing superficially resembles a “logical” progression.  Since 99% of conspiracy “researchers” are actually more crdulous, gullible and lacking in critical thinking skills than the “sheeple” surrounding them, most of them will reflexively deep-throat anybody who allows them to “see behind the veil”, or whatever you want to call itr.






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