The fundamental strategy behind all forms of “marketing”: KEEP ‘EM STUPID!

The Psychology of Pricing: A Gigantic List of Strategies

I’ll be honest:  whoever this “Nick Kolenda” person is: the world would become significantly better if he died an extremely painful and humiliating death.  Bilking the ignorant and gullible would be bad enough.  Actively “training” others in the “skill” of doing so involves a level of evil I can’t even comprehend.

Quite frankly, any decent “educational” system would include courses specifically designed to ensure that the above “strategies” FAIL.  In a sane and civilized culture (IE: one both worthy – and CAPABLE – of long-term survival), the above ‘strategies” would be the test to determine whether an individual was defficient in critical thinking skills.

In the early 21st century US, they are “marketing strategies” explicitly designed to trick the gullible into being EVEN MORE MINDLESS ‘CONSUMERS’ THAN THEY MIGHT OTHERWISE BE.

When do we get the global thermonuclear war all of us “cold war” kids were promised?





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