“Armchair” Insurrectionists, and “lines in the sand”:

Donald Trump managed to descend to new depths today by repeating a tedious gun-lobby argument that Hillary Clinton wants to “essentially abolish the Second Amendment” and then turning it into a “joking” suggestion that “Second-Amendment people” might hold the only way to deal with that threat. Nothing like a little assassination humor to liven things up on the campaign trail, eh?

But even as they condemn the shocking utterance, a lot of observers seem to be missing the fact that Trump is adapting a dangerously common right-wing claim. It’s that the most important purpose of the Second Amendment is not to allow people to defend themselves from robbers and muggers and would-be murderers and rapists if the police cannot get the job done, but rather to create a heavily armed populace prepared to undertake revolutionary violence if the government tries to impose “tyranny.” Let’s be clear about this doctrine: It lets the gun-wielders decide for themselves whether high taxes or government surveillance or Obamacare is a sufficient threat to liberty to justify getting out the shooting irons and killing the police officers and armed-services members assigned the responsibility of enforcing the “tyrannical” laws in question. And conservative politicians have often made it clear they understand and are okay with that incredible risk, as when Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle referred cheerfully to “Second-Amendment remedies” for the liberal policies supported by her opponent, Harry Reid. Angle was hardly alone: During the Republican presidential primaries this cycle, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz both endorsed the idea of gun rights being a safeguard against too much Big Government liberalism. During her successful Senate campaign in 2014, rising GOP star Joni Ernst of Iowa used to happily talk about the “beautiful little Smith & Wesson” she carried with every intention of using it to defend herself and her family from “government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important.”

The most common use of this “right to revolution” argument, however, is to threaten anyone who doesn’t bend the knee to the Second Amendment itself. So it makes even the blandest support for gun-safety legislation self-evident proof of “tyranny” justifying even more stockpiling of lethal weapons to be used against “government.


I’m familiar with Trump’s particular brand of shit-chimpery: both my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother, and Karl (KA3RCS) tended to yip-yap about it incessently.

Quite frankly, anyone yip-yapping about “watering the tree of Liberty”, or “drawing a line in the sand” or suchlike should just come out and admit openly, that they are wannabe insurrectionists.  Quite frankly, that would be infinitely more respectable, than their tendency toward mealy-mouthed attempts to “walk it back”, after a bullshit “dog-whistle” like Trump’s goes bad.

The cute thing is: every armchair insurrectionist I’ve ever met has been the sort of person who would be exceedingly unlikely to be of any “use” in any such conflict.

For example: the two individuals I mentioned above are (or at least were), morbidly-obese smokers.  (Karl pretended – at one point — that his habitual indulgence in “Kreteks” was merely a “fondness”, before later admitting openly to what he described as a “definite craving”, bordering on ‘addiction.”.  As for the Junkie Psychopath?  multiple packs of “KOOL Menthols”, on a daily basis.

Now, let’s be honest: in the (exceedingly unlikely) event of another “Civil War”, it is extremely likely that the supply of tobacco products would be disrupted — which would preclude the aforementioned fat-ass tobacco addicts from being able to slake their “cravings” – at least, not on any regular basis.

Dumpy shit-stains need to stockpile “smokes”, as well.

As well, neither of the aforemenioned individuals were anywhere near “able-bodied” (at last not according to the entrance requirements for any of the branches of the U.S. military).

Also, neither of them knew jack shit about the care and maintenance of their oh-so-precious firearms — but again, that’s a peripheral issue, at best.

So, no:  a gaggle of dumpy, fat, ignorant, addiction-ridden “Armchair insurrectionists” isn’t very impressive, under any circumstances.  They certainly don’t pose any kind of credible threat to a heavily militarized nation-state such as the U.S. (or Israel, for that matter).

Their ilk are EXACTLY the kind of expendable sub-animals someone like Trump (or more likely, the Koch brothers) would view as perfect “canon-fodder”/”patsy”-material.  Jared Loughner.  Dylan Roof, Lee Harvey Oswald, Hinkley, etc. — it really isn’t that difficult to goad a dumpy psychopath with a firearms-fetish into viewing himself as a “martyr” for a cause “greater than himself” — one for which he is more than willing to spill as much blood as neccesary.




(At least Bill Cooper actually followed trough on his loopy “suicide by cop” scenario).

Again: if “The Donald” manages to be (s)elected as the next POTUS, I genuinely hope that one of the more sane “nuclear powers” has enough sense to “Cauterize” at least the continental U.S., before the “infection” can spread.


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