A nearly-perfect “textbook” example of what I call the “banality of stupid”:

Some while back, I got into a “discussion’ with a friend of of my wife’s friends.

The weird thing about it is: even though I know for a fact that I never met this particular woman before a few weeks ago, pretty much everything about her is eerily “familiar” — right on down to such tidbits of her “life history” that she’s told us over several conversations.

It’s weird.

At any rate:  this woman is really “into” herbal remedies, “holistic” health, Texe Marrs “ministries”, chemtrails, etc.

Her most recent thing has been relentlessly hyping something called a “Scalar cold-wave quantum-excitation” device.  She’s brought it around a few times, and from what I can figure out, it is some sort of hand-held device, with a very specific configuration of very special LEDs on one surface.  The basic “theory” behind it (inasmuch as she’s bothered to actually “explain” it — as opposed to merely rapid-fire bombarding us with unsubstantiated anecdotes/personal testimony etc. — is as follows:

  1. Humans are “energy beings”/”Beings of light”.
  2. This device is capable of “re-modulating”/”re-polarizing” your “quantum matrix”.  This in turn will “propagate upward”, and “manifest” as physical/material changes.
  3. Some of these changes: re-sequencing DNA, regenerating telemerase, “re-modulating” your brain chemistry/physiology to enable you to “cure” or “overcome” pretty much any issue imaginable.

Supposedly (although she isn’t entirely clear on this point), the device NOT ONLY comes pre-loaded with 128 pre-loaded “modulation sequences”, (256 — in the “2.0 version”), but also allows you to program in your own customized quantum scalar-wave sequences.

Now, here’s the thing:  I’m not totally willing to simply disregard her claims out-of-hand.  In principle, electromagnetism (including “light”) CAN effect matter.  (For example: industrial lasers cutting through metal, etc.)

When I asked her which “model” of quantum mechanics she personally subscribes to  (the “Copehnagen” interpretation, “many worlds”, etc.) — and inquired as to whether the underlying technology upon which the device is based had any relation to the “double slit” experiment — she just sort of “goggled” at me for a few minutes, and then started going on about how a “friend of a friend” supposedly cured her child’s autism (which — interestingly — this woman totally, definitely “knows” for a fact to have been directly and incontrovertibly caused by having had her child vaccinated.

(I asked: “You mean because the vaccine used Thimerosol, or some other mercury-containing chemical?”, she  “Goggled” at me again, and — interestingly — veered off into a discourse on how Nabisco is deliberately using GMO-modded sugars in their cookies, to ensure that they are as “addictive” as possible.  their “reason” for doing this?  Their parent company owns a diet pill of some sort.

Interestingly enough, she has provided no documentation supporting any of these notions — which makes it significantly more difficult for us to “do our own research” and “confirm what she’s been saying all along.”

(Personally, the more I talk to the broad, the more I’m beginning to think that she’s about 5% more coherent than the Gene Ray — the “Timecube” guy.  At least she hasn’t yelled at us for being “educated stupid evil”, yet.)

Now, here’s the thing: I cannot summarily discount everything she says — not even about the “quantum scalar-wave sequencing” technology.  I will that her tendency to combine seemingly-random “buzzwords” together into sentences about how “bio-molecular repolarization is beneficial, because water-memory tends to become extremely acidic over time” really seems like a pre-packaged “sales pitch” of some kind.  I’m also more than a bit dubious about the fact that the first “treatment” is free, but subsequent ones start at $149.99 per hour.  She hasn’t actually gotten around to telling us how much it would cost to buy our own scalar-wave quantum resequencing thingies.

The whole thing is…..bizzarre.


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