The coming realignment in U.S. politics: Democrats vs. Greens

Right-wing “Conservatism” is dead — and utterly discredited — as an ideology.  The main ideological “factions” comprising the Republican party “Big tent” (Fundie Christians, corporate lick-spittles, “soft” (nostalgic) White Supremacists, etc.) have utterly failed to actually deliver on any of their promises.  The “Libertarian” movement was never anything more than a rebranding of Barry Goldwater’s platform from 1964 – with some ideological “window-dressing” slathered on top to disguise that fact.  (Hayek, Mises, Ayn Rand, etc.)

“Libertarianism” actually managed to break the “Overton Window” during the Ron Paul campaign of 2008 (although to be fair: Ron paul isn’t exactly fully in line with the “libertarian” party platform on various points) — but realistically,  neither “Libertarians” nor “Objectivists” actually stand a chance of meaningfully influencing U.S. politics — except to the extent that their dogged advocacy of “laissez-faire capitalism” can be WEAPONIZED by corporate lobbyists to “hamstring” regulations they themselves haven’t BOUGHT/BRIBED into existence.

So, no.  Fundie Protestantism is beginning to eat itself (since any given group of Fundies neccesarily regard ALL OTHER Fundies — and all Non-Fundie variants of Christianity as “Satanic Counterfeits”, and ALSO neccesarily demonize all Non-christians — jews/Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists/Asatruar/Wiccans etc. as “Pagans” — even the overtly “Dominionist” Fundies are precluded — by their own theology — from actively doing anything much other than whining about the “fallen” state of the world, and trying — vainly — to ensure that people get “Saved” (indoctrinated) by THEIR specific clique).

So, Fundie Protestantism is  (by design) guaranteed to “fail” — which is ironically enough, BUILT INTO their theology.  They see the fact that fewer and fewer people are being sucked in — (er, I mean “saved”) by their innumerable cliques.  They CAN’T really work together on anything much beyond the most brazen and dumbed-down level of “soul-winning” gimmicks, because the millisecond they delve into their own “understanding” of “Scripture” they neccesarily run up against some minor point of contention — at which time they most likely end up schisming, or at the very least accusing one another of “unsound doctrine” promulgated by “ear-ticklers.”

So, yeah: The Fundie backlash created by Pat Robertson, etc. is imploding. Both the “Libertarian” and “objectivist” movements are imploding, as well.

The Bush administration’s attempt to turn the “War on Terror” into “Cold War 2.0” has also been milked dry, at this point.  NOBODY with a functioning brain sees the Iraq/Afghanistan involvement as ANYTHING other than a vast meat-grinder which has utterly and incontrovertibly failed to “bring democracy to the Middle East”.

“Iraq” should just change its name to “ISIL-vania” and get it over with.

So, yeah:  the “GOP” is essentially unrecoverable.  Another 4 (or 8) years of demographic/ideological shift, and the Republican party will be a withered, dessicated husk.  (Most of the Teabbaggers will probably be dead by then.)

(Additionally: in 4/8 years, WHEN “the rapture” still hasn’t happened (even though a lot of Fundies genuinely think Joel Osteen is the antichrist), Fundie Chrsitianity will also have to contend with the fact that what is currently derided as the “Emerging church” will have more fully “emerged” by then.  The coolest thing about the “Emerging Church’ is that it “Emerged” mostly out of Fundamentalist/Evangelical religion, in the first place.

So, yeah: The Post-Goldwater “Conservative movement”  is dead (because the various sub-movements it contains are THEMSELVES dead).  The Trump campaign is nothing more, less or other  than Post-Goldwater “Conservatism’s” corpse, putrifying at an ever-accelerating rate.

Which  leads to the coming realignment:

Since The U.S. can’t seem to pull it’s collective head out of the French Revolution’s ass, we’re stuck with the “Right vs. Left” spectrum.  The fact that so many “Professives” were really, really, REALLY  “Feeling the Bern” while simultaneously viewing the Democrats as “Closet” Rightists (or “Third way” neoliberals)  really should be enough for any sensible person to be able to “sketch out” at least the next 30+ years of U.S. political history.

The Republican party will probably shamble on for another 20 years, before eventually following its direct ancestor (the “Whig” party) into the dustbin of history.

The “Government is the problem, not the solution” strain of political thought will most likely end up going full-on Anarchist, and EXPLICITLY anti-capitalist (if the “Occupy” movement is any indication).

But, yeah: the Republican party is dead — and its taking the “Conservative” movement with it.

Good riddance.

R.O.H. (Rot in Hell) “Conservatism”: 1964-2016

I’m going to enjoy watching Trump single-handedly flush 52 years of bullshit right down the crapper.



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