Well slap my weasel! I found it:


$2,900.00 + $11 S/H

That seems……steep?  I’m especially suspicious of the statement about how the device supposedly generates “organic sine-waves”  (as opposed to “inorganic” sine-waves?)

See, here’s the thing:

EVEN IF these people are genuinely “onto” something genuinely revolutionary, they really, really, REALLY need to do a better job explaining it.

I mean, seriously:  if it didn’t cost $2900+ bucks, I would probably buy the thing, AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO PROGRAM IT FOR “total physical immortality”.  I mean, think about it:  some “aging” theories suggest that it has to do with telemerase, right?  Plus, if the device can be programmed to ‘cure” anything (up to and including resequencing your DNA so you don’t have the hereditary markers associated with spina biffida(!) — then why wouldn’t you do that?

Totally perfect health (verging on physical immortality itself!) in perpetuity is worth $3000, right? 🙂



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