There are Internet forums specifically dedicated to “cyber-stalking” vulnerable/desperate/unhappy people. Sometimes, the victims kill themselves.

I’m not going to name (or link) to the forums in question (primarily becasue doing so would be exceedingly foolhardy.  For various reasons, I am fully aware that I am perilously close to being turned into what the denizens of such forums call a “Lolcow”:

I am “unconventional” along several metrics — both because of the visual impairment, and because of various other attributes — many of which made me a prime target for schoolyard bullies “back in the day”.

Quite frankly, so-called “cyberbullies” or “cyberstalkers” are not particularly dissimilar to your typical school-yard bully (or, for that matter, the sort of “humor” upon which the Revenge of the Nerds film franchise depends:

Those who can plausibly be “othered” (for whatever reason) make for easier targets.

This is why I don’t “cyberstalk” anyone.  Karl (KA3RCS) is personally known to me for nearly 30 years.  Quite frankly, the only reason I bothered to mentioning him by name/call-sign at all, was because the inability to do so made it effectively impossible for me to accurately discuss my own past.

One of the things I most vividly remember from my (woefully) short stint at college in Williamsport (before I ran out of money, and had to drop out — long story, I’ll probably get around to discussing it in another post), was Karl and another individual playing “pranks” on me, such as:

  1. Removing the light-bulbs from my lamp, and hiding them in the styrofoam-panel “drop ceiling” — wtihout telling me that they had done so.  This “prank” required me to waste inordinate amounts of time buying light-bulbs.  The truly fucked-up part about their antics was their rationalization for doing so:

Evidently, some incandescent light-bulb brands include “flimsy” filament supports.  Thus, they claimed to be harrassing me over the light-bulbs “for my own good” (IE: as an “incentive” to have me buy the “correct” brand of light-bulbs.)

2.  Using an cordless screwdriver to “screw” cans of food to my apartment floor.  (Yeah: destroying canned goods/vandalizing my room was fucking hillarious).

3. Tampering with my room-door, such that the door-knob came off in my hand when I attempted to turn the knob.  The “Bonus” of this was: waiting until I was asleep — so as to be able to startle me awake by BATTERING ON MY DOOR, FRANTICALLY.

In retrospect, Karl (and the other POS acting as his “accomplice”) implicitly viewed me as nothing but a “plaything” for their amusemet/harrrassment.

I should have learned my lesson back then (1991-92), but alas, I didn’t.

Instead, I continued to interact with “Messyshit” (as Karl’s own Elementary school bullies had evidently nicknamed him — due both to fairly frequent bouts of fecal incontinence during childhood and the fact that it happened to (somewhat) “Ryme” with his last name).

The thing which I now find totally incomprehensible is: my (utterly futile) expectation that the pretentious jack-hole was actually capable of valuing the individual who was essentially his one and only genuine “friend” for DECADES — more than the ever-growing (and infinitely tedious) hoard of E-waste about which he tended to brag incessantly.

One of the genuinely ironic things about the E-waste hoard is: how often I attempted to help him organize the shit, back in the day.    There is NOTHING quite like moving vast amounts of (for example) monochrome CRT computer monitors from one storage-unit to another at 4 AM, in below-freezing temperatures.

At any rate: “cyberbullies”/cyberstalkers — like their “offline” equivalent — are most likely engaging in their bullshit for ONE reason: “victimizing” others is a good way for bullies to distract themselves from the fact that they THEMSELVES are subhuman shit-sticks.




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