Barbara Branden was smart:

The following “thought-experiment” accurately encapsulates how evil/grotesque/indefensible the whole “geography of religion” thing really is:

Imagine an Arab boy of twelve, born in a remote village in Saudi Arabia. He cannot read or write and he has no knowledge of the outside world. From the time he is five years old, he and the other boys are read to from the Koran by the village elders, the only role models he has. He is told that the Koran is the word of Allah. He is told that Allah demands that his servants kill all unbelievers, because their purpose in life is to destroy the Muslim world, to slaughter his parents, his sisters, his friends. The boy sees the men of his village go off to immolate themselves, cheered by the villagers, their victories and their deaths celebrated as heroic, as a valiant martyrdom to be rewarded by their acceptance in heaven. And he longs for the day when he can join these heroes.

The same basic pattern is endemic to (say) anyone “raised’ Amish, or Hutterite, or in a Hasidic Jewish community — or, more broadly, in any setting which is:

  1. Homogenous
  2. Isolated
  3. Insular

This is one reason why every such “community” should relentlessly be hammered with “foreign” ideas/viewpoints etc. — until it can no longer function as an organized “community” (IE: it is no longer capable of generating “groupthink” among those unfortunate enough to be subsumed/burdened by  that “identity”).

Quite frankly, the only thing which can stop civilization from descending into the next (self-inflicted) Dark Age is: militant cosmopolitanism — the willingness to SHOVE dissenting viewpoints down everyone’s throats, until it becomes impossible to use mere “geography” as “predictor” of religious/ideological “identity”.

That probably won’t happen, because the “political correctness” bullshit has brainwashed a large subset of the population into believing that being “offensive” is inherently vicious.

This allows — even encourages — the ignorant and gullible to huddle in their insular little “safe spaces”, assured that they won’t be “offended” (by being challenged by anyone reality-based enough to even consider doing so.)




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