Another reason “multiculturalism” sucks:

The first time Mingi was explained to me I found it hard to believe. What society would support the killing of healthy children, their children? Mingi is the tribal killing of newborns and infants believed by male elders to be cursed. The elders believe if allowed to live these children will bring death and widespread suffering to the entire tribe. Babies born to unwed mothers, twins, and children with abnormal teeth are declared Mingi and killed. The children are killed by filling the baby’s mouth with dirt and allowing them to suffocate, hitting them in the head with rocks, throwing them in a near by river, or abandoning them in the wild to be eaten by hyenas. This practice occurs in the Omo Valley of southwest Ethiopia.

There is an organization based in the United States fighting this practice. It is This group precipitated the end of Mingi in the Kara tribe of the Omo Valley during a ceremony I had the privilege to photograph in 2012. Since 2012 Omochild has been diligently working to end the practice in the 50,000 member Hamar tribe by the only means politically expedient, placating these old killers into reality. My preference would be to inflict the same abject terror on the Hamar elders as they have been inflicting on newborn babies for generations.

Quite frankly, Ethiopia should be scoured off of the face of the earth, by means of nuclear weapons, to the point where it is PERMANENTLY uninhabitable.

Some “cultural traditions” strongly indicate that the “culture” exhibiting such “traditions” should be eradicated.

Civilization (IE: at least a basic recognition of individual rights), coupled with the death pentalty for any “Elder” supporting this fucking “custom”: otherwis no foreign aid of any kind.

There’s really nothing wrong with Ethiopia that a few hundred megatons wouldn’t cure.




2 thoughts on “Another reason “multiculturalism” sucks:

  1. You make me laugh, but exaggerating aggressive desires is rarely taken well. Of course, if you genuinely believe Ethiopia should be wiped off the map, you’re supporting the motivation behind the child-killing, and therefore supporting the child-killing.

    Reason being that, what you listed as the traits associated with being “cursed”, are clearly traits that would increase the chances of the infant being a burden upon the tribe: A child with a single parent will have less energy invested in their nurturing, and is thus likely to be weaker; twins will place a higher burden on their parents, and thus those parents will have a harder time of making them into strong contributors; being physically unhealthy also indicates that they will be burdens to the tribe.

    So, basically, their practice is a culling of weakness, for the benefit of the whole. So, if you say that the practitioners of the tradition are incorrect, and detrimental to society, and thus must be purged from it, you are simultaneously supporting their reasoning.

  2. I wasn’t joking.

    Well, maybe rendering the entire region uninhabitable in perpetuity was a bit over the top — but not by much.

    One of the things about “multiculturalism” that boggles my mind is: Multi-culti scumbags will tolerate — hell, even actively mollycoddle — stuff originating from “tribal” cultures which — if done by a civilized person/group, would be (correctly) treated as a “crime against humanity” — and punished severely.

    I can’t wrap my mind around (for example) the fact that many of the same people pants-shitting en masse about the issue of “transgender bathrooms” tacitly support FGM (female genital mutilation) — merely because it happens to be a “cultural tradition”, and opposition to it constitutes “Western Imperialism” (or some other SJW buzzword.)

    Quite frankly, in a civilized social order, children of single-parent families/children with bad teeth/twins are NOT “likely to be weaker” – or, at least, not in any significant sense of the term.

    THAT is (at least in part) why Civilization (IE: science, technology, at least some standard of “fundamental human rights”) is INFINITELY superior to savagery (ignorance, superstition, tribal child-killing rituals, etc.).

    How about we split the difference?

    Ethiopia doesn’t get nuked, BUT: a total embargo all all outside food/medical/sanitation/educational aid — UNTIL AND UNLESS the other members of the tribe present the severed heads of each and every “Elder” at a designated location, at which point food/medical supplies can be exchanged at a fixed rate? So many pounds of food/doses of vaccine per head?

    Barring that, the only rationally defensible alternative is A “QUARANTINE PERIMIETER” AROUND THEIR LANDS — both to ensure that they (and their idiotic “traditions” — aren’t “tainted” by “foreign” ideas like human rights, etc.) — AND (infinitely more importantly) to ensure that the stupid fuckin’ vermin cannot continue to “free ride” on the scientific/medical/agricultural knowledge and resources of the CIVILIZED world. (IE: those areas where the “culling” of twins is frowned upon).

    Quite frankly, I honestly don’t know if I DO give a shit about the child-victims, themselves, because IF they weren’t “culled” by their own tribe, they would most likely grow up to become exactly like the “Tribal Elders” masterminding the “culling” rituals.

    To be honest, they are probably the LUCKY ones, inasmuch as they are spared the REAL curse (being “raised” — and indoctrinated — to be the kind of idiotic savages who enage in this sort of ritual.)

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