I’m glad when superstitious people suffer pay for their stupidity:

A hot plate warmed food in the darkened kitchen in Brooklyn, allowing an Orthodox Jewish mother to feed her family while observing the Sabbath prohibition on lighting a flame. Upstairs, she and eight children slept.

That small convenience led to the city’s deadliest fire in eight years, after flames that began in the kitchen ripped through the home, trapping seven children ages 5 to 16 in their bedrooms, as their mother and a 15-year-old sister, cloaked in thick smoke, jumped out of second-floor windows. They were the only two survivors.

The authorities attributed the fire to an unknown malfunction in the electric hot plate, a device often used by observant Jewish families to keep food warm from sundown on Friday, the start of the Sabbath, until its end on Saturday night. Mayor Bill de Blasio arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday and walked inside the shell of the house with firefighters. “You can literally see what was a home for a large, strong family and now it’s wiped out, every room empty, burned and charred,” he said, adding: “This is a tragedy that has very few examples to look at, it’s so painful, it’s so difficult.”


  1. Superstitious assholes attempt to comply with idiotic superstition
  2. Their children burn to death as a result
  3. Other (equally superstitious) assholes utterly fail to rethink their own idiocy.

Undoubtedly, somebody or other is probably going to misunderstand this post as “antisemitic”, or some bullshit.

This isn’t about the parents being Jewish: it’s about the parents being superstitious morons who are basically insane.  To be honest, they should never have attempted to breed in the first place.



4 thoughts on “I’m glad when superstitious people suffer pay for their stupidity:

  1. I assumed, and was laughing because I support the idea to some degree. Its not as if I support the existence of the religious, but if you want to discourage their ridiculous existence, you have to talk pretty. That includes not promoting the deaths of innocent children – plus, children still have the capacity to learn logic.

    • Do they?

      I’ll admit that these children *would* have the capacity to learn logic — *if* they were taken from the savage scumbags subjecting them to “mingi”, etc.

      The problem is: so long as they are “raised” within that sort of culture: no. They CAN’T develop the capacity to “learn logic” — anymore than they can develop the capacity to learn enough agriculture/animal husbandry to be able to FEED THEIR OWN POPULATION. (Hint: with enough medical knowledge, such “culling of the weak”-type rituals ase you were tacitly defending would NOT be (mistakenly) viewed as “neccesary”.

      As for “discouraging their ridiculous existence”: why even bother to “talk pretty?”

      To “persuade” them to recognize the fact that one of their most cherished “cultural traditions” is IN FACT a crime against humanity?

      Why do they get a free pass, and not Nazi Germany?

      Therein is the real question.

      BTW: if you’re “offended” by anything I might say on this blog: feel free to stop reading at any time. I don’t really give two liquidy shits about whether or not I happen to bruise anybody’s “Fee-fees”.

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