Tonight was…..weird:

So, I was headed out for one of the evening walks I take fairly frequently.

My wife asked me to pick up Ant spray on the way back (because the place to buy it wa still open).

Now, one of my wife’s “pet peeves” is that I tend not to engage in “chit-chat”, or suchlike.  Tonight, I attempted something different — with genuinely bizzarre results:

A guy I had never seen before complimented me on being intelligent and having the foresight to carry an LED flashlight, and wear a safety vest while walking (on account of drivers are — to some degree — negligent assholes who would just as soon run a pedestrian down for “kicks”, as do anything else.)

Long story short: I end up getting “sucked into” a conversation with the guy, during which I learn the following:

  1. first name: Don.
  2. Retired economics professor from Chicago — 72 years old.
  3. Vegan — almost militantly so.
  4. Claims that veganism serves as a “filter” to prevent him from associating with non-vegans (who are all “insane, vicious, ignorant savages” who “don’t give a shit whether 3rd world children die of starvation.”
  5. Obsessed — to the point of religiosity — with proselytizing for Veganism, to the point where his big plan is to finance a book about veganism being translated into “simplified Chinese”, to be distributed for free over in China (sort of like how Fundies distribute Bibles).
  6. Hate-hate-hate-HATES those who self-idenfity with any sort of religion (on account of doing so is symptomatic of them having “succumbed to the puppetry, and gone psychotic as a result.”
  7. Believes that literally ever possible topic ultimately reduces (in some way) to economics.  (In other words, despite repeatedly slamming “socialism” as irremediably evil, and Marx as a ‘hack’ — explicitly adheres to a worldview which is at least pseudo-Marxist, in that “irrelevant drivel” which cannot be directly (or indirectly) reduced to the “distribution of scarce resources” is merely “cultural white noise”.
  8. Rabidly homophobic.
  9. Oddly enough, also rabidly  heterophobic (repeatedly described womens’ vaginas as “the sewer of the body”, and repeatedly stated unequivocably and forcefully that he finds the notion of sexual intercourse itself to be “extremely unsanitary on principle.”

All in all, an exceedingly strange evening.   For someone who is agressively, militantly anti-religious, Don’s advocacy of veganism had a weird — almost religious quality to it:

In particular, his tendency to relentlessly proselytize about Veganism, want to distribute Vegan books to Chinese villagers, and outright dismiss Non-vegans/those who self-idenfity with — or even tolerate — religion of any kind or degree — as “insane or evil”.

The whole thing had a weirdly “Fundie”-like vibe, for some reason.

He actually reminded me quite a lot of Debbie, the Texe Marrs fan/conspiracy-theorist woman who tended to relentlessly yammer about the wonders of “quantum cold-wave laser technology”, and attempt to shove the results of “decades of research” down our throats incessantly.

The whole thing was….weird — especially when he started going on about how he only considered “ideological Vegans” to be “Vegan for the right reasons”.

Weird evening.





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