So, Karl (KA3RCS) called me last night.

That indicates the following:

  1. The call-block thing I used against his number must have expired.
  2. He is, literally, utterly friendless and alone, in terms fo “locals”  willing to tolerate his idiotic bullshit.

Evidently, around 5 weeks ago, the umbillical hernia he had been neglecting to get checked for nearly a decade finally strangulated, and – hypocritical as always — the sheer amount of excruciating pain/vomiting/diarrhea  etc. prompted him to “resort” to (as he describes it) “Allpathic medicine”).

(Evidently betaine hydrochloride, colloidal silver enemas, and homeopathic sugar-water won’t magically repair an umbillical hernia.  Go figure). 🙂

Anyway: they caught it “just in time”, so he didn’t have to loose several feet of intestine, and is still able to shit in a normal way (IE: no colostomy).

Stupidly, he neglected to call his workplace during the entire month of his “recovery”.  The workplace in question only allows a maximum of 30 days “sick time”, and normally only does that for employees who have worked there for over a year.  As of last night, Karl was at 38 days (and counting) — and all pissed off because the HR woman had left him a “petulant-sounding” voicemail.

Now, the amusing thing is: Karl considers himself to be a “Ron Paul Libertarian”.  As such, he tends to rabidly and reflexively act as an apologist for anything “businesspeople” do — up to and including not prodivind health insurance to theiir employees/not allowing them sufficient recovery-time post-surgery, etc.

Coupled with the fact that he abstained from buying health insurance post-“Obamacare”, and instead swalloed the fine, and the result is: he is now irremediably, unrecoverably FUCKED:

  1. He is overwhelmingly likely to be fired (even if he does go in to have  a “sit-down” with his employers on Monday).
  2. He can’t afford to have his busted-ass jeep repaired enough to actually be drivable.
  3. He’s already recieving medical bills, which he “can’t bring himself to read”.

His latest pipe-dream (or, as he puts it: “fallback plan”) involves a startup in Naples, Florida which — supposedly — overlaps nicelely with various of his skill-sets and former job positions, etc.   The only problem is: he has absolutely no assurance of actually being able to hire on with them — to say nothing of their willingness to allow him to work for them ‘remotely” (“telecommuting”, or whatever the current buzz-term happens to be.)

Quite frankly, if it were anyone else, I would probably be able to muster up some level of sympathy (or pity) for their situation.  Since it is him, the best I can manage is to FEIGN sympathy, while (barely) manage to stop myself from cheering, and/or uproarious spectacle of (yet more) self-inflicted failure.  The arrogant little shit-stick has managed to paint himself into yet another corner — and ALSO knock over the bucket of feces, in the process.

Next chapter: I get to listen to him whine blubber like a little bitch, when the multiple storage units of E-waste are auctioned off (for a pittance), and the vast majority of it is most likely scrapped.

Quite frankly, I’m genuinely looking forward to that.  The only real “down side” to this whole scenario is: how is he going to keep his Cell-phone charged/his account active after he ends up homeless?  I won’t get to hear him whine about sucking some guy off in a bus-station bathroom. 😦



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