To the SJW who attempted to defend “Mingi” (the ritualized slaughter of children endemic to certain parts of Ethiopia):

Quite frankly: fuck you.

Your attempt to offer any sort of real-world ratioalization defending the practice is indefensible, on two counts:

  1. It tacitly assumes that such “culling” rituals are actually “neccesary” — and not merely a “side-effect” of the fact that the “culture” in question isn’t a gaggle of ignorant savages.
  2. It tacitly assumes that the ignorant savages themselves are doing it for some sort of quasi-rational/pragmatic purpose (“Culling the weak”, as you put it):

Quite frankly, no.  False on BOTH points.

Guess what?  These tribal groups only “resort” to this kind of “culling” because they are too ignorant to actually be able to adequately feed their own population, or actually treat their own population’s medical needs with reality-based treatments.

That’s why there’s so much of what is euphemistically described as “foreign aid”:  absent their “free riding” on the agricultura/scientific/medical knowledge of superior cultures (IE: those who — purely by coincidence — also manage to refrain from engaging in bullshit child-killing rituals.

Stop the “humanitarian” aid — or at least make it contingent on them NOT remaining fucking ignorant savages.

In other words: the civilized population of the world SHOULD declare these population-group to be “Mingi”, and do one of two things:

  1. Actively “cull” them (starting with the “Tribal Elders”, and working their way down).
  2. Discontinue all “foreign” food/medical aid (with the exception of, possibly, smallpocks-infected blankets or something.)

Let’s see if that “harmony with nature” tribal cultures suppoedly embody extends to “hamony” with smallpox, or something of that nature.

Quite frankly, their “reasons” for child-slaughter include the following:

Reasons for being declared impure include birth out of wedlock, the birth of twins, the eruption of teeth in the upper jaw before the lower jaw, and chipping a tooth in childhood.[7][8] Some who were separated have been reported to shadow the tribe at a distance until eventually succumbing to hunger or predators.[4]

That’s right: eruption of teen “in the upper jaw before the lower jaw”.

How exactly is the sequence of tooth-eruption even plausibly correlated with the putative “weakness” of any specific person?

Oh wait, that’s right: it’s not.  That’s part of why “Mingi” is a fucking idiotic, blood-drenched superstition.

Then again, both “tradition”-worshippers AND “multi-cultural” SJW pukes have a habit of falling all over themselves to excuse/rationalize/defend anything and everything  – right on down to FGM (female genital mutilation).

As I said in my reply to the idiot attempting to excuse this shit:

Quite frankly, the children being slaughtered are, in many ways, the LUCKY ones: they are spared from being “raised” to become the sort of “tribal elders” who perpetrate this kind of atrocity.





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